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March 03, 2014 3 min read

electronic deer repellents that workElectronic Deer Repellents that Work

In this article we will discuss electric deer repellents that work. For homeowners who are hesitant to spray their yards, especially gardens with vegetables and fruit, with deer repellents because of their unpleasant odors or bacteria or toxic effects on plants or pets, electronic deer repellent is an option to consider. There are several types of electronic deer repellent available online or in-home improvement and gardening centers. One of the types claims to lure the deer to the device, and upon approaching it, a gentle electric shock is administered to the deer, conditioning them to stay away from the area. Online consumer reviews of these types of products are not overwhelmingly good. Criticism ranges from homeowners complaining that they just are not effective, to complaints that they take a lot of maintenance: the alluring scent must be constantly reapplied after rain, the devices take a while to charge, and one has to buy numerous ones for a large yard. Besides their general lack of effectiveness, this type of deer repellent or deterrent can be relatively expensive compared to some other methods of deterring deer.

Another type of electronic deer repellent that work is the type that uses ultrasonic noise to deter deer. These types may be slightly more effective for a number of reasons. For example, the ultrasonic signal is audible to the deer for up to a four thousand square foot area, and so on device covers quite a lot of ground. These detectors are usually motion sensitive, and so the sound does not activate unless motion is detected. An added benefit of an ultrasonic deer deterrent is that it keeps away not only the hungry deer, but other garden pests like rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons. Dogs and cats will also be annoyed by its sounds, which can be either a good or bad feature, depending on whether the consumer has pets that are allowed in the yard.

Finally, a third type of electronic deer repellent that work is a motion detector attached to a sprinkler system. This too can cover quite a lot of area, and when motion is detected, the sprinkler will turn on and deter any intruders that do not want to keep wet. Consumer research suggests that the sprinkler system works the best out of these three types of electronic deer repellent. Deer, as well as other garden pests, will keep away from gardens that have this system in place.

All three electronic methods for deterring deer have the advantages of being poison and odor free, and may be the best choices for homeowners who are wary of spraying egg solutions or even coyote urine around theirs gardens. While the bait on the bait and shock system needs to be refreshed after rain, the other two systems can be left and forgotten for periods of time, which is advantageous to homeowners who travel and may need to leave their yards unattended for days at a time. Sprays, on the other hand, need to be reapplied after rain, and therefore require more maintenance to keep them effective for deterring deer.

Overall, repellents made with putrescent egg formulas such as Nature’s MACE Deer and Rabbit Repellent, have been university studied and proven to the the most effective method for effectively repelling deer and rabbits from treated areas. Check back for more articles on electric deer repellents that work.