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May 01, 2014 2 min read

Dogs are great for companionship and may be man’s best friend but it wreaks havoc on yards, furniture and upholstery. Whatever the reason, there are many dog repellents that are relatively in-expensive and easy to use. All the repellents ingredients listed below are considered 100 percent safe for dogs and the environment.

  1. Citric Acid or Vinegar is probably the most effective at repelling dogs. Dogs strongly dislike vinegar and the odor that comes with it. Vinegar can damage plants, so never spray vinegar on garden plants.
  2. Citronella Oil or Citrus smell is an effective means of deterring dogs. Dogs find the smell of citrus repulsive and tend to stay away. You can protect your garden by using dog repellent containing citronella oil.
  3. Garlic oil in an effective ingredient in the repelling of dog. Dogs find the smell of garlic oil to be pungent and strong.
  4. Soap or Sodium Laurel Sulfate is another effective ingredient great for repelling dogs.
  5. Geraniol is an alcohol It has a rose like scent and is commonly used in perfumes. It is the primary part of rose oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil. It also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lemon, and many other essential oils. Dogs find this odor to be irritating.
  6. Ammonia is the most effective dog repellent. This will also attract cats. Never pour or spray ammonia onto your lawn or flowers, because it may kill them.
  7. Cinnamon leaf oil is another effective dog repellent. Dogs are repulsed by the smells of many essential oils. Cinnamon is a scent that is effectively used to keep dogs off the furniture and away from your yard. A few drops in a spray bottle of water should be enough for a dog’s sensitive nose.
  8. Engenol has been shown to be an effective dog and snake repellents. Dogs will retreat when sprayed directly with these oils and will exit yards or other confined spaces when this oil is introduced to the area.

The ideal dog repellent is completely specific for the target, meaning that, it drives away the animal without affecting or harming any other animals or people. These products have been proven to be effective in repelling dogs. When searching out an effective do repellent, look for a product that contains the above ingredients.