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April 06, 2016 2 min read

Have you ever heard of what a deer proof garden looks like? Yes, this is existing too. Most homeowners don’t want deer around their yard because they are destroying everything they can eat. And that would mean destruction of their lovely flowers and bushes. But that would not happen again once you start designing your own deer proof garden!

But before anything else, let us remind you, without tall fences, you can never successfully create a deer proof garden. No matter what comes in their way, deer will eat anything most especially when they are hungry. You must be aware which lies behind dear proof garden. This is mainly to fill the yard with different plants they don’t like to eat. If this happens, they would just simply give up and move to another place where they can find an appetizing meal.

Generally, deer choose:

  • Those plants which have high water content as well as lush foliage like hostas
  • Plants which are early spring type such as forsythia, tulips and crocuses
  • Native plants
  • Berry-producing and fruiting plants which includes vegetable garden

On the other hand, they don’t want:

  • Heavily scented foliage
  • Strongly-flavored plants and herbs
  • Grasses
  • Ferns
  • Prickly plants
  • Plants which are hairy and fuzzy

However, you must also realize that deer repellent do have limited chance as deterrents. Moreover, area repellents were being applied either near or on the plant as well as repel through smell while the contact repellents were considered as more effective. They are being applied directly with plants and being repel via taste. Majority do have natural ingredients like dried blood or rotten eggs so you can discourage Bambis. In general, they won’t cause any kind of harm for your plants.

In Canada, there are 4 popular deer repellents being used namely Skoot, Tree Guard, Plantskydd and Deer Away. There are instances that gardeners would formulate their own repellents . In fact, you ca try to hang a bag of human hair right on the strategic areas within your yard or even soap bars. Make sure that their smell are strong enough to drive away deer.

You can also make use cutting edge deer scaring devices which are using motion-sensitive lights as well as sprinklers. But if you haven’t had enough budget for that, you can try DIY homemade scarecrow or even through blasting them away with a good hose. This will need specific measure of stone-heart and perfect timing. This can be effective for a while since deer can easily adapt on things.

There are lots of deer proof garden you can get via online. Sit down and make your homework. Taste of deer from on region to another region varies so need to conduct first a thorough research before doing things.

Deer  Proof Garden

Deer proof garden may take much time and effort. But that is nothing if you know you could protect your beloved plants inside your garden. What are you waiting for? Start now designing your one of a kind deer proof garden!