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June 28, 2017 3 min read

Deer repellent for rice cropHow to keep deer away from rice plant? Deer have a penchant for rice, undoubtedly. In fact, they so love rice that some hunters use rice as an attractant during the hunting season to trap deer. In order to meet their dietary needs, deer feed on hundreds of pounds of food on a monthly period. Rice, being loaded with lots of starch provide deer with the carbohydrate their body needs.

This huge appetite of theirs and love for rice possesses a serious problem to rice plantation owners. It’s a mistake to allow deer graze freely on a rice farm because they will cause severe damage on such farm. Since whipping deer population out completely isn’t feasible, not now nor in the farthest future, the best thing a farmer to do is to device ingenious techniques for keeping these critters where they belong – the wild.

That being said, here are some proven and cost effective repellent techniques that will help keep deer away from rice crop.

  1. Scare them away:Deer are scared by a lot of things. Unfamiliar moving objects, strange noise and even household pets like dog. This phobia of theirs presents and opportunity – one easy way of keeping them out is by placing the things they fear right in their path. Hanging blank CDs and letting them dangle is a simple, yet effective strategy for keeping deer out of rice farm. If you have got a pet at home, preferably a dog, put it on guard over your rice farm – deer are terrified at the sight of a dog. Installing motion actuated sprinklers works well too, only that it cost a little bit.
  2. Motion actuated floodlight:Deer, to avoid being preyed upon by a predator or killed by a disgusted homeowner, prefer scouting for food at night, though they are active during the day but not as much as they are during the night. This nocturnal tendency of theirs makes it difficult to pin them down. But don’t worry, a motion actuated floodlight can help lock them out while you are on the other side of the world. It works by intensely flooding a trespasser, a deer in this case, with light, forcing the critter to take cover.
  3. Blow them out of the water with a loud noise:Deer hate loud noise as much as they hate intense light. If they were for instance foraging in a farm and heard a loud noise, they would flee for good. The easiest way to go about this is by installing outdoor address system and playing loud musing with it. Alternatively, you could install a wind chime with a string of empty tin cans placed atop it.
  4. Repellent Spray:This list would not be complete without repellent spray. Repellent spray is meant for those who haven’t got the time or resources to set up stuff that scare deer on a rice farm. When it comes to making a choice, your options are near limitless as there are countless spray in the market. In terms of quality and lasting effectiveness, no repellent is as good as Deer & Rabbit MACE – it not only works against deer, but rabbit as well.

Deer and Rabbit MACE. Is an effective deer repellent manufactured by Nature’s MACE. University studies have concluded that putrescent egg, the active ingredient in Deer and Rabbit MACE is the most effective means of effectively repelling deer from crops.