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March 23, 2013 2 min read

Deer repellent spray for gardens are one of the most widely sought after products for protecting prized flowers, fruits, and vegetables from hungry deer.

Deer have a well-earned reputation for having voracious appetites for any type of plant, and once they find a garden with tasty leaves or flowers, they will return time and again for more, until the gardener takes action. A deer who is presented with a plentiful choice will go for the tastiest bits of all, the flowers and fruits that are most prized by the gardeners.

It is no wonder that gardeners seek any number of ways to deter deer from destroying their hard work. There are a large number of strategies that can be employed, on their own, or in combination with each other, to keep hungry deer from destroying your garden. Retaining walls and fences work well, but can be detracting from views, inconvenient, and expensive to install or build. Mini fences can be built around individual trees as well, to protect the trees from deer rubbing their antlers against thetrunks. Irish Spring Soap is another deer repellent that is often said to work with both deer and rabbits.

However, the best deer repellent spray for gardens has been found to be a simple mixture of egg and water. One egg, mixed slowly into one gallon of water, provides an easy and inexpensive spray to repel deer from any plant it is sprayed on. The mixture of egg and water can be left sitting for anytime between five and twenty-four hours in order to putrefy. If sprayed on the flowers without letting it sit, the putrefaction takes place on the plants, so some claim that letting the mixture sit does not improve the effectiveness of the mixture. If one gallon to one egg does not work effectively, the amount of egg to water can be increases incrementally, up to one egg in one cup of water, until an effective solution is found.

Some research has shown that instead of raw egg, cooked, or solid, egg mixture works better. For spray application, and solid egg will be less effective, and the mixture will need to be dribbled onto the plants instead of sprayed. Homeowners should experiment with solution strengths, frequency of application, and cooked or raw egg, until they find the best solution for their needs. Once the perfect mixture is found, the homeowner will have a recipe for deer repellent spray for gardens.

Deer Repellent Spray for Gardens

Deer repellent spray for gardens is as simple as an egg and some water. Deer instinctively avoid anything with the smell of egg on it, so using this spray will immediately work to keep deer, and even other garden pests, like rabbits, from nibbling on the tastyleaves. Of course, any leaves meant to be eaten by the gardener, like lettuce will need to be very thoroughly washed before being eaten. For difficult to wash food plants, gardeners may choose to attempt to use the deer repellent spray for gardens only on the inedible parts of the plants.


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