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June 28, 2017 2 min read

The sight of a deer in your garden or crop field can be dreadful even to the most experienced gardener. Despite the fact that the deer’s feeding habit varies according to its species, the season of the year, and region, they still devour nearly ten pounds of food every day. The funny coincidence is that during the spring and summer when most crops and vegetables are cultivated, deer tend to feed more because pregnant and nursing does and antler-growing bucks have to nourish their seasonal growing life stages.

Sweet corn, whether in its seedling stage or as the ears get ripened, is one the deer’s favorite and so a herd of deer can bring an entire corn field to desolation in just a single night. Keeping deer out of a sweet corn field requires a small investment in time and money but ensures insurance against the loss of the crop. Although keeping deer away from your corn field might seem impossible because of the animals’ love for the crop, but the following points are quite helpful.

  • PHYSICAL BARRIERS: Erecting physical barriers in your corn field is an effective method to keep deer away from them. These physical barriers include fences and coverings such as plastic netting, chicken wire or floating row covers placed over the corn so that deer do not get to them.

Covers are more suitable for short crops and may not be effective in protecting tall crops like the sweet corn. Therefore, erecting a fence is the best physical barrier against deer.

If your fence is not going to be higher than eight feet, ensure deer cannot see your sumptuous sweet corn through it because then they would stop at nothing to get to your corn. Either use an enclosed-style fence or erect a double fence with a distance of about six feet between them so that deer do not stand any chance.

  • EMPLOY THE USE OF DEER MACE: If erecting a fence is not feasible, then resort to using a commercial repellent to keep deer away from your sweet corn. Most repellents out there in the market contain substances that are detrimental both to your health and those of the deer. So if your aim is just to keep the deer away (and not kill it) and at the same time protect your health, go for deer MACE. Deer MACE incorporates a three-way approach – scent, fear and taste based technology.

Deer MACE is made with Eco-friendly ingredients that naturally change the animal’s browsing behavior. It is also safe for you, your plants, pets and the environment because it does not contain toxic ingredients.

Deer repellent for sweet corn farming

On regular application, on a thirty to sixty-day rotation, you’ll spare you sweet corn all the damage from deer. Deer MACE is made with a rain-resistant formula that provides long-lasting year round protection for your sweet corn and would not wash out after the rains.

The ingredients in Deer and rabbit MACE have been proven to be the most effective at repelling deer.

To get the best protection for your sweet corn, you can erect a protective fence and at the same time make use of Deer MACE so that Bambi doesn’t stand a chance at all.