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August 03, 2023 3 min read

4 ways to install an effective DIY cat fence on a budget

Install an effective DIY cat fence on a budget? You may wish to install a cat fence to keep out stray cats or protect your cat from predator animals. Cats are excellent at digging, jumping, and climbing. So you want to install a fencing solution that makes it difficult for them. Fortunately, there are tons of cat fence techniques to try. But here we talk about the most affordable cat fencing solutions plus more effective hacks to keep your cats contained or discourage strays. Click for more cat repellent product information...

1.  Netting fence

A netting fence is an affordable way to put up barriers against animal critters or keep your cats from wandering off. You only require 7-foot garden stakes, u-frame wire stakes, and wildlife netting. Ensure that your netting is deeply rooted in the ground.

2.  Fencing topper

If you already have an existing fence, you can add a topper at the top to stop stray cats or other animal critters from coming in. You can simply purchase a fencing topper. But bear in mind that different fencing toppers have their benefits and drawbacks. Sticky toppers are effective but may collect debris and bugs over time. Spiked toppers can cause harm since there is a risk that animals can step on them. A roller fence topper is more beneficial, or you can make one from PVC pipes or gray metal pipes.

3.  Cat enclosure or a catio

You can also build a dedicated outdoor space for your feline friends. This would give them all the outdoor space they need to have fun without having to deal with litter around your entire lawn or them digging up your yard. There are many materials you can use to create that cat enclosure. An excellent idea is mesh fencing made of steel mesh and wooden posts.

4.  Bracketed mesh extension

If you already have an existing fence, you can add bracketed mesh to it held by a steel bracket ( inexpensive shelf arms would do). All you need do is attach the steel bracket to your fence post and then pull inward towards your yard. Next, cover with the steel mesh, and you can keep cats out or keep your feline family contained.

Build an inexpensive odor barrier against stray cats

It is important to note that no cat deterrent solution is guaranteed to work alone. It is often better to combine deterrents. That said, scent-based cat deterrents do an excellent job of keeping cats at bay. They are affordable and easy to apply. You can also use a scent-based cat deterrent whether you have an existing fence or not. When used with a fence in place, consider applying directly to the top of your fence. You may need to re-apply after a rainstorm. In no time, the cats will come to see your lawn as an unappealing zone and will keep off.

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