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August 04, 2023 2 min read

Are dryer sheets a good squirrel deterrent?

Dryer sheets a good squirrel deterrent? When searching for the best squirrel deterrent, you may find many squirrel repellent recipes and methods. One such touted squirrel repellent is dryer sheets. Squirrels have a heightened sense of smell which they use to stay away from predators and find food.

Hence, strong scents that humans love may seem overpowering, which is why aromatic blends make good repellents. But what about dryer sheets? Click for more squirrel deterrent product information...

Are dryer sheets great squirrel deterrents?

Dryer sheets have a fantastic aroma, which is why we love them. However, for this exact reason, squirrels dislike them too. For decades, farmers of orchards have tied dryer sheets along their deer fences to keep deer and squirrels away. Hence they can be effective against squirrels. However, the effectiveness of dryer sheets is conflicting and may be minimal if you live in an area with a very high squirrel population. This is because squirrels can decide to ignore the intense aroma and go ahead and feast on your crops. Still, combining deterrents is vital to get the best results. So there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with dryer sheets. You can also consider experimenting with other DIY deterrents, such as soap and human hair, even as dryer sheets may be more effective. The goal is to layer on your deterrents because no precise technique is enough for repelling squirrels. Other DIY scent barriers you can try include garlic-pepper sprays, ground chili sprays, tabasco pepper sauce mixture, and coyote urine. Scent-based squirrel deterrents often require re-application every few days to maintain deterrence. You should also remember that consistent application ensures that squirrels don’t find a way to get around the pungent smell.

Not all dryer sheets work.

Do realize that all dryer sheets can’t possibly give the same results. The best dryer sheets must have a strong smell. You can mainly focus on mint-scented dryer sheets. Furthermore, you shouldn’t stack sheets all over the place. The sweet spot is placing about 20 sheets per spot. You should also position them so they are pretty close to each other to create that consistent odor barrier. To position your dryer sheets, consider using bamboo sticks to erect them around your garden. You can also use dryer sheets for your vents and doors to turn away squirrels and other rodents. Also, remember that dryer sheets may work best if you have them in place before the planting season.

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