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September 18, 2021 3 min read

Finding suspicious bites on your child can be both embarrassing and problematic. But how big is this problem? In this article, we will talk about bed bug bites in children.

Bed bugs are blood-eating insects that feast on humans. They leave itchy bites behind that can also be painful. Some people cannot resist scratching these bite marks, leading to the onset of secondary skin infections. On others, these bites can cause allergic reactions. Fortunately, that is the height of it. It is a good thing that bed bugs cannot transmit diseases.

Bed bug bites and children

Fortunately, at the time of being bitten, the children may not feel the sting of the bite. However, the itch that comes later might be problematic. Don’t forget that some adults, like children, might not have any marks on their bodies indicating that bed bugs bite them. However, if you notice some strange marks on your kids’ bodies and you suspect that it could be bed bugs, then you have to act fast.

How bed bug bites appear in children

Most bed bug bites on your children may not carry a bite mark at the center or even form a welt. Though, this depends on the kind of allergies your children have. Some children will start having itchiness, red swollen, or bumps after 24 hours of being bitten by bed bugs. Such children would start itching the affected area until it might break. Even though the bites might be harmless, the sores that result from constant itching can become infected.

In severe cases, some children react seriously to bed bug bites leading to allergic reactions. Yet, it is essential to note that bed bugs do not live on children. They can crawl very fast and will likely hide in places near your child’s sleeping place. So when you need to confirm bed bugs, look for them and signs of their activities in your children’s bedding, box springs, mattresses, and so on. They might also hide in cracks and crevices provided by furniture, walls, and electric outlets.

Treatment of children with bed bugs bites

  1. If your children are bitten by bed bugs, contacting a Doctor is always advised, and most doctors would recommend an ointment that would be rubbed on your children’s body that will stop the rash and make the redness of the affected area fade away.
  2. In extreme cases, where bed bug bites trigger an allergic reaction, the Doctor might administer some specific steroids or give antibiotics to your children that will help combat infection.
  3. Observe your children to know if they are anxious or ashamed due to the bites from bed bugs. And if they are, try to calm them down and boost their self-confidence.

Ways to protect your children

If your home is infested with bed bugs, it is necessary to protect your lovely children. One of the most efficient ways is to use bed bug spray. However, this works best after a thorough vacuuming, laundering, and steam cleaning of your home. When using the bug spray, don’t forget to adhere strictly to all instructions to keep your children from harm.

Concluding thoughts

Do bed bugs bite children

Bed Bug bites may result in painful skin issues. So, it is necessary to keep bed bugs far away from your children. Therefore, if you find bed bug bites on your children, you should treat the bites immediately and get started on eliminating the bugs from your home.

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