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November 24, 2020 2 min read

Do deer eat amaryllis? While deer are known for eating nuts and fruits, you may wonder whether amaryllis is one of them. This post has all the information you need.

When cultivating a beautiful garden, you may carefully choose the kind of plants you grow to prevent Bambi from having a feast on it. Then, you need to deer-proof your garden with suitable plants that will not attract them. In that case, you might ask—do deer eat amaryllis? Is amaryllis a deer resistant plant?

Dear and Amaryllis

Fortunately, the Amaryllis plant is one of the few deer-resistant bulbs you can plant in your home. This is because many members of the Amaryllis family are toxic to them and thereby remain somewhat immune to their browsing. Members of the Amaryllis family that are resistant to deer include all snow-drops (Galanthus), Magic Lily, Lycoris species, Crinum, Nerine, Zephranthes, daffodils (Narcissus), and Leucojum (both summer and spring snowflakes). The true amaryllis (also called the Naked Lily) is also deer resistant. Therefore, you have diverse amaryllis varieties to grow in your home regardless of your location.

Other reasons to choose the amaryllis for your garden

What’s more, they make terrific holiday centerpieces and can become long-term members of your gar-den and home. You can grow them anywhere – indoors, outdoors, and anywhere in-between. They transform your home, giving you an all-year-round of vibrant and stunning color. Still, they have the remarkable capacity to rebloom year after year, offering a simple way to achieve a spectacular ambiance around your home. They are also simple to cultivate, and with the right care, you can have many years of pleasure with them.
Besides, their deer-resistant characteristics provide an excellent opportunity to use them as hedges around your property and flower beds. Planting the right deer-resistant bulbs can help deter deer from feasting on the more vulnerable (and otherwise palatable) plants.

A word of caution

Many members of the Amaryllis family are known to be deer-resistant because of their toxic contents. Therefore, when growing them in your home, you need to consider harming pets or young children in your home. Eating the bulbs can cause tremors, excess saliva, diarrhea, vomiting, and a host of other awful symptoms if ingested. It is also just as poisonous to cats and dogs.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat amaryllis? No, they don’t. Amaryllis plants are poisonous, and deer are pretty selective about the bulbs they consume. However, always remember that no plant can be termed completely deer resistant. Deer are voracious browsers, so even amaryllis can be eaten if you have intense deer pressure, and they are desperate for food. Be sure to understand the true situation around you before cultivating. It might mean that you can use your bulbs at the borders of your property, alongside a wire fence to protect your flower beds effectively. Overall, the amaryllis is an excellent deer-resistant and beautiful plant you can confidently enjoy in your gardens.

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