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November 13, 2015 2 min read

Dog repellents that work really depend on the activity you wish to repel the dog away from. For example, one activity hated by homeowners and gardeners is the digging that many terrier and hunting dogs enjoy so much. Many dogs return to the same digging spots time and time again- maybe a place along the fence they are trying to get under. In the case of this behavior, the best dog repellents that work are your dog’s own waste. Dogs will almost always avoid digging up their own poop, so next time your dog digs, use this trick while you fill the hole, and the dog will be repelled from digging again.

To repel dogs from entering your yard in the first place, a fence is the best way. But in areas where fences and not desirable, there are a few types for dog repellents that work. Most dogs are scared of loud noises, and will also shy away from unpleasant ultrasonic sound that is inaudible to humans. There are several types of ultrasonic dog repellents available commercially that can be quite effective in keeping dogs out of one’s yard. Motion sensing devices are perhaps the most effective, because they can continue to work day and night, whether you are home or not. Once these devices detect motion, the unpleasant sound is activated, and dogs will avoid coming into the area. These devices are also great for keeping other pests, like rabbits, deer, and coyotes, off of property.

Besides sounds, some dog repellents that work well include sprays that repel dogs by their scents. With their very sensitive noses, even a faint odor to humans can be very strong to our four legged friends. There are a variety of sprays available in pet stores that repel dogs by smell and taste, and it is also possible to make a homemade mixture that will work well. To try a homemade solution, mix a small amount of essential oil into a spray bottle of water. There are a number of types of oil that work to repel most dogs, and if it is your own dog you’re wishing to repel from certain areas, sometimes mixing it up from week to week is an effective method to try. Some of the suggested oils that dogs will avoid include peppermint oil, citronella oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil, and lavender oil. Spray this mixture onto plants and garden beds that you would like your dog to leave alone, or even on your lawn where people might step and children will play. Dogs will generally avoid the areas that have been sprayed, and you won’t have flattened flowers or dog messes where people walk.

Dog repellents that work for chewing are the ones that have a strong taste. Bitter Apple is a commercial product that is popular, and homemade solutions that work can be made using hot chili powder or cayenne powder. Apply on objects that your dog is tempted to gnaw, and don’t forget to provide an alternative like rawhide to form good habits.