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November 11, 2015 2 min read

Dog repellents that work best really depend on which situations a homeowner or dog owner want to repel dogs from. This article will cover a variety of situations, and the accompanying dog repellents that work best with those circumstances.

While dogs are the most popular pet in the United States, all dog owners have to work to train dogs away from behavioral problems. Training includes house training, obedience, and setting boundaries, both physical boundaries and behavioral boundaries. For house training as well as teaching behavioral boundaries, a dog repellent is a fantastic tool, and the one that will work best for boundary learning is an electric dog repellent. An invisible fence is a system that is buried around the edge of a yard, to keep a dog in, or around the edge of a garden (or any area you wish to keep dog free), to keep a dog out. The dog is outfitted with a collar attachment and receives a gentle buzz when the line gets crossed. Soon, the dog will know to keep out, or in, of specific areas due to the excellent electronic dog repellent.

Another dog repellent that works best for house training, as well as repelling dogs from areas on your property is a spray made from ingredients that dogs find repellent. There are several repellents like this that can be purchased in pet stores or online, but it is just as easy to make home made dog repellent. Some key ingredients include essential oils, or any very strong tasting or smelling spice. Some oils that work very well include peppermint oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, or citrus oil. To make a dog repellent with these oils, simple mix a small amount of the oil into a spray bottle of water. Shake well, and spray in your garden and yard for a dog repellent that works best to keep dogs from entering areas, or napping on your flowers. These repellents must be reapplied regularly at first, as they will wash off in the rain and wear off over time. Eventually, dogs will learn to avoid areas, and develop potty and napping habits that don’t include the areas that were saturated with the repellent.

An additional type of repellent that works is a portable device the emits a high-pitched sound with the touch of a button. These repellents can be used on any dog that intrudes where it is not wanted, whether it is a neighbor dog who gets out regularly, or even your own dog trying to get into a garden or area where it is not allowed. These devices work very well, but require the operator to be present during the bad behavior in order to correct it. They are best used in combination with a spray repellent.

In summary, dog repellents that work best are those that present unpleasant sensations to dogs, whether sound, smell, or touch, when the dog encroaches into a territory where it is not wanted.