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November 08, 2015 2 min read

Dog repellents that really work are needed for a variety of reasons. For example, professional dog walkers, mail carriers, and other who may encounter looks dogs, may want to purchase a hand held dog repellent to carry with them. These are available in a variety of types. Dog spray can be bought online of maid at home to repel aggressive dogs. Effect spray dog repellents usually contain capsaicin, the ingredient in chili peppers that can cause burning eyes. When sprayed on an aggressive dog, it will cause the dog’s eyes to burn, and the dog will almost always be repelled. While painful to the dog, it will not cause injury, but this type of dog repellent is not recommended for one’s own pet dog.

Another variety of dog repellents that really work are those that emit unpleasant sounds to the dogs. These are also available in handheld type models, and can be activated with the press of a button. When activated, an ultrasonic noise is made, and dogs will instantly be repelled from the area. These devices are recommended not only for people who’s jobs or other activities may put them in harm’s way of aggressive dogs, but also for dog owners, who want to train their dogs away from certain areas of their property, or from other undesirable behavior, such as incessant barking or jumping on furniture. Many dogs are quick to learn from this negative reinforcement, and will learn habits such as where to lay down and where to relieve themselves, where they won’t be subjected to what they thinks is an awful noise.

Some other dog repellents that really work include spraying repellent around one’s property. Again, repellent can be purchased at pet stores or through online vendors, and they work by either having an unpleasant odor or taste. Luckily, and unpleasant odor to a dog’s sensitive nose, will not always bother our human sensibilities at all. A dog repellent spray can also be made at home, and some of the mixtures will have added benefits. For example, citronella oil, mixed with water and sprayed on your grass will not only keep the dogs off the grass, but it will keep mosquitoes away as well! Lavender oil, again, mixed with water and sprayed on your grass or in your garden, will keep the dogs away and it will add a pleasant scent to your yard. Pleasant to most humans, but most distasteful to dogs. Other oils that can have the same effect on dogs include citrus oils, eucalyptus oil, and cinnamon oil.

For chewing dogs or obsessive lickers, try a dog repellent that tastes bad on the items that shouldn’t be licked of chewed. Chili powder and cayenne pepper are effective for taste repellents, but they can stain, and so they are best not used on furniture, but outside.

Depending on the dog and the situation, there are a number of dog repellents that really work, and for the best results, test and experiment with a few to find the best solution for you.