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November 07, 2015 2 min read

Best Homemade Dog Repellent Recipe

In this article we will discuss the best homemade dog repellent recipe. Maybe you’re of the opinion that a dog is man’s best friend, or perhaps you are more in the “cats rule, dogs drool” camp. Either way, everyone agrees that certain destructive dog behaviors are undesirable, and there are situations when you may be on the lookout for the best homemade dog repellent recipe. Look no further, this brief article will outline some effective recipes to keep stray dogs out of your yard, or to train your own pet to avoid making potty messes or digging holes in your prized garden or where you’re barefooted kids like to play.

Because of their keen sense of smell, the best homemade dog repellent recipe is one that has a strong but unpleasant odor for the dog. Considering some of the disgusting things some dogs like to eat, this might at first seem like quite a challenge, but there are, in fact, a few tried and true ingredients that almost any dog will find repelling and unappetizing, and without harming the dogs. For instance, a variety of oils can be tried out, mixed with a gallon of water to just a few teaspoons of oil, and sprayed in any areas of one’s yard where you want to keep your dog from wandering. Peppermint oil, citrus oil, lavender oil, and eucalyptus oil are a few types to try out. Citronella oil is another effective repellent not only for dogs, but it is also known to be effecting in keeping mosquitoes away. All of these oils, mixed with water, are generally safe for your plants, pets, and children. The oily quality of the mixture will help the repellent cling to the leaves, but the mixtures will need to be reapplied regularly and after rain and watering, until the dog(s) are trained away from the areas. Because each dog is different, it might be necessary to try a few different types of oil, or to adjust the strength of the mixture, before hitting on the best recipe for your particular needs.

Besides oils, there are a few other ingredients can also be used to repel dogs, and depending on your dog and your situation, they may result in the best homemade dog repellent recipe for your needs. For example, chili power or cayenne power, either sprinkled onto the areas, or mixed with water and sprayed, presents an unpleasant odor and taste for any dog. An added benefit is that pepper like this will also deter some other common garden intruders, including rabbits and deer. Like the oily mixtures, pepper mixtures should be reapplied regularly.

Other effective ingredients can be used to make the best homemade dog repellent recipe, including ammonia and vinegar. However, both ammonia and vinegar can harm plants, so they should not be applied to garden plants. Rather, these mixtures maybe effectively sprayed in gravel borders or other such places on the perimeter of a yard or garden, to keep dogs from entering without harming plants.