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November 04, 2015 2 min read

Dogs are known for their almost supersonic sense of hearing. A siren a mile away might send a dog into a howling fit, and some dogs can single out hear their master’s car coming home from blocks away. Because of this, using sound is an excellent method for training dogs. The best electronic dog repellent is one that uses ultrasonic negative reinforcement to repel a dog.

Ultrasonic dog training devices are a humane way to repel and train dogs away from negative behavior, whether it is barking, chewing, or entering areas of your yard or house where they are unwanted. These devices can be used on one’s own pet for training, and they can also be used on unwanted guests, if there are neighborhood strays or loose dogs entering your property. Ultrasonic dog repellent devices can be purchased at pet stores or online and range in price from just a few dollars to several hundred, depending on their features.

Handheld devices are handy, and can be used by depressing a button to emit an unpleasant sound to dogs that is undetectable to human hearing. When a dog engages in negative behavior, such as entering an area of the yard in which it is not allowed, a homeowner should provide negative reinforcement within fifteen seconds of the behavior. The irritating sound that occurs each time the dog tries to enter the property, or relieve itself in an inappropriate place, will soon train the dog away from that behavior. The advantage to a handheld device is that it can be carried with you, so if the behavior is something like a neighbor dog chasing you every time you take out the garbage, then this device may be the best electronic dog repellent for you.

On the other hand, a device that works when you are not home, to deter a loose dog from digging up your roses, may be needed. In this case, the base electronic dog repellent is one that will detect motion and set off an ultrasonic sound that way. These devices are typically a little more expensive than the handheld ones. They can be stationed around areas where dogs are entering, and when they pick up motion, they will emit a sound to drive away the unwanted animals. Some of these also have feature that activate in response to barking, which will train dogs not to bark. An added advantage to this type of electronic dog repellent is that it will also repel other destructive garden pests like raccoon and rabbits.

Finally, underground fences can be the best electronic dog repellent if it is your own dog you are trying to repel from an area. An underground fence can surround your yard to keep your dog from leaving your yard, or, from leaving the specific area of your yard that your pets are allowed to be in. So if you’re thinking of installing an underground fence, don’t forget to fence off your vegetable garden or other areas you’d like to keep your pet out of.