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June 02, 2016 2 min read

Electronic Deer Car Accident Prevention is the focus of this article. Deer-Car Accident is accounted to numerous accidents in United State. Approximately, over a million accidents happen every year that involve deer and 300 individuals, a million deer are killed each year. The possibility of encountering such collisions tends to be much higher, which can impose a huge jeopardy. Usually, the odds comes with thousands of dollars vehicle cost, in addition to personal injury risks.

Deer-car collisions are indeed costly and even deadly. To help reduce, if not eliminate such instances, drivers are recommended to mount electronic devices that could help in preventing such collision through providing warnings ahead of time. One of the electronic devices that are proven effective in saving a vehicle and deer from possible collision is a Hornet.

A hornet is basically different from deer whistle. It is a small electric-powered sonic generator that emits high-powered steering sonic waves which can be traced at 1600 feet. It shows an ability to warn a deer and other animals if there is an approaching vehicle with enough distance and time to prevent deer-car accidents.

The hornet works through the Wave Variance Tuning, a combined reflection and reverberation of signal. The sound wave will start to reverberate once it travels in the tub of the hornet and will eventually be reflected off the surface of the road. This will create a virtual-sonic echo effect that will allow the sound to travel at a certain distance.

This sound frequency can be heard on different ranges, depending on the hearing ability of those around the area. Usually, people and majority of animals tend to hear similar frequency range. But some animals who have sensitive sense of hearing can hear the tone at a higher range than what a normal individual can do.

The older people or those who have narrow hearing range, though, may not be able to recognize or hear the sound that the hornet produces. Typically, drivers of vehicle with hornets can hear some audible sounds even without the presence of animals such as just by simply parking into an enclosed structure or when the car stopped. This becomes possible because the hornet tend to emit sounds once it hits a hard solid object.

The good thing with this device is that it is only effective on animals with keen hearing such as deer. And since the sound it produces reaches a significant distance, a deer whose on the way will be alerted and have enough time to assess where the sound originated. Once they are able to perceive danger, they will eventually get off from the road surface. This will then eliminated the possibility of bumping into each other, saving you great sum of money while saving the life of a deer.

If your concern is electrical power, then no need to worry because the device consumes not more than 10mA which never even affects your car’s electrical system. Through years, this device has already helped thousands of vehicles across the nation to effectively deter deer-car accidents.