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September 06, 2018 2 min read

Electronic Deer Repellent- Do they really work?

When deer come to your garden, they usually look for something to eat. Although it is possible that sometimes it does not matter to you, some have flowers and vegetation on which they have worked hard and don’t want it eaten by deer.

There is a wide range of deer repellent on the market including the electronic deer repellent, but do the electronic deer repellent really work?

What’s good with electronic repellents?

Have you ever thought that you should use ultrasonic, sonic or electronic deer repellent instead of the spraying repellent? This identical thought has happened to many people. Some did something about it, and to some, it’s just a passing curiosity, not really a serious thought, and they simply reject that thought.

Well, let’s try and analyze it here. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using the ultrasound, sonic or electronic deer repellent n our landscapes and gardens.

A positive part of electronic deer repellents is that you do not have to keep reapplying repellent over and over again, and you do not have to resort to obscure scents in your garden to keep deer away. Same smell that deer find awful, you will too.

Some electronic deer repellents actually give an electric shock to the deer in an attempt to scare them. While this is very effective, some people find it cruel and inhumane, and in some areas, you need a special permission to use this type of device. This is not really the best option, as it is not the simplest option available. They are often equipped with nearby deer detection sensors and are only activated when they detect motion. Some of these repellents have integrated light that scares deer out of your garden. The beauty of this type of repellent is that they work day and night.

Other electronic repellents use ultrasonic sound that repels deer. The idea is that the loud sound that is not audible to you, but can be heard by the deer when it is in close range. This works pretty well, but if you have pets like dogs and cats, it will end up bothering them.

Motion-activated sprinklers are a better choice. These are devices that simply shoot a small amount of water on the deer when it is in close range, scaring them away. Compared to electric shock, this is a much more humane way to deal with deer in your patio and garden.

Electronic Deer Repellent

The best choice, however, to keep deer away from your garden is to use a commercial deer repellent like Deer and Rabbit MACE. Deer and Rabbit MACE is the Strongest, University Proven formula developed to aggressively repel deer and rabbits. The Deer and Rabbit MACE last for months and won’t be washed away by the rain. It works to quickly repel animals from landscapes, gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees, vines, bushes, etc. They are also safe for your plants and curious kids. All you need do is carefully read the instructions and disperse the exact amount regularly, as shown, to prevent the deer from coming to your neighborhood forever. What are you waiting for? Purchase the Deer and Rabbit MACE here, and you’d be glad you did.