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February 24, 2016 2 min read

Some people might have heard of the term Milorganite. However, some people are still wondering as to how does Milorganite work? Well, if you are one of those people, then you have come to read the right article. We all know the fact that plants needs to have 3 essential things. This includes water, sunlight and nutrients. For example, the sunlight is the one that helps the plant during photosynthesis and allows it to produce chlorophyll, the one that gives its color. The water on the other hand is the one that carries the chlorophyll and plays an important role in the nutrient uptake of the plan while the nutrients that the plant absorbs helps in keeping the plant not only strong but healthy as well.

Now, going back to how does Milorganite work, it is the one that is capable of slowing down the release of the nutrients that are available in plants. It ensures that the nutrient that the plant would get is not too excessive but is just adequate. It contains 2%phosphorus, 4% iron and 5% nitrogen (organic). More than 60% of the nitrogen that is found in Milorganite is considered as water insoluble. It is delivered to the roots through the microbial activity.

The said activity occurs when the moisture in the soil is adequate and when its temperature is between the range of 55-85°F. When favorable conditions have been noticed, the Milorganite granule would be broken down by the microbes into an available form plant. The roots would then take the nutrients. On the other hand, when the unfavourable conditions are noticed, the nutrients of the Milorganite stay in the soil until the time happens when the conditions are right for a root uptake.

The main reason why the slowdown of the nutrient release is important is because the nutrients would be available for the plant gradually. Moreover, it would be available for a longer period of time. The nutrients that comes from the Milorganite is the one that feeds the soil constantly and it could last up to 3 months. This only means that only a few applications are required. When the feeding time has been extended, it would promote growth that is more uniform as well as better and deeper establishment of the root system.

Aside from the things mentioned before, it is also low in salt as compared to the fertilizers that has been synthetically made. This only means that the nitrogen in the Milorganite would definitely not burn your plants in any way. When it comes to the growing season, it could also be applied anytime. Moreover, as the released nutrients are just adequate, it is less likely to seep through the waterways, which also reduces the harm brought to the environment.
Now, upon reading the entire article, I’m sure that you now know how does a Milorganite work. It is also one way of knowing that it is possible to extend the feeding time of the plants. Therefore, it would result to better and healthy looking plants.