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June 02, 2017 2 min read

The problem with stray cats is their capacity to ruin any garden. A homeowner would want to keep cats away in order to prevent nuisance and hassles concerning the cats. The best way is to follow these steps so that each stay cat would not bother your garden often. These steps will an assurance that cat problems in your back yard will be out of the question. The right steps give the amazing results.

The following are the ways on how to repel cats from garden:

  1. Provide Your Own Cat

Most gardeners say that on how to repel cats from the garden is having your own cat as a guard. The presence of another cat in the garden will create a signal to intruding cats not to visit the garden again. The owner’s cat will create dominance over the other cats. This will keep other cats out of your garden.

  1. Block the Entrance

If you want to prevent stray cats from entering your garden, stop them from getting in. In order to do this, block your garden with prickly plants or pruning that will assure defense from cats. You could fit a wire or string above the top of the fences in order to give cats a hard time to balance in them.

  1. Use Plastic Bottles

On how to repel stray cats from the garden, it would also help to use an old gamekeeper’s trick. This will be effective in keeping the cats away from your garden. In order to do this, place half-full plastic bottles in borders. In this manner, the light reflection off the bottle will deter animals such as animals in going into your garden. The reflection would make it easier for you to secure the entrance to the garden

  1. Use Mailshot and CDs

In keeping your cats away from your garden, it would also wise to use mailshot and other unwanted CDs to lure away the cat. These can provide a shining light when threaded on twine with knots in between them. In order to do this, you must string these across flowerbeds or hang these to trees. The light reflection should prevent cats in going into your yard. The strong reflection will make the cats turn around and leave your garden.

  1. Use the Best Cat Repellent

If you don’t know how to repel stray cats from the garden, the best ways are using the best cat repellent such as Cat MACE in deterring the cats. This repellent, when sprayed on any object will create a deterrent effect on the cat keeping them away from the garden. Cat MACE will provide an assurance in getting rid of your cat problems. A spray of this on the fence will make sure that any stray cat will leave your yard right away.

How to Repel Stray Cats from Garden

Any homeowner can use the Cat MACE and follow the steps on how to repel stray cats from the garden.