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February 02, 2013 3 min read

In this article we will discuss one of the best seed companies, Johnny Seeds and Deer repellent.

Seed companies around the world produce seeds for all kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers for selling them to the farmers and gardeners over the globe. This multibillion-dollar business is spread at various locations worldwide where the seeds are grown in different growing areas by big shot specialist growers and also by a number of small growers who grow one or two types of seeds. These seed companies sell their produce to both wholesalers as well as commercial resellers. These companies prepare a catalog of their seeds and generally publish them a few months before the growing season so the gardeners can plan in advance what crops they will be growing in the next growing season. One such seed growing company is Johnny seeds which started in the year 1973 and has flourished since then without ever having to look back. It is one of the largest producers of seeds and has been providing the world with high quality seeds.

This seed producing company is an employee-owned merchant and producer of seeds and has its headquarters in Winslow, Maine, USA. The founder and chairman Rob Johnston saw an opportunity for a seed company in the year 1973 when he was only 22 years old and grew vegetables at a small farm for a market. He decided to start up a company by the name Johnny Apple Seeds for producing seeds and selling them to American gardeners. The first seed catalog for the company was issued in the year 1974 and moved to Maine after a friend of his offered his farmland for growing seeds for the company. Later, Rob was informed by another company that they had the trademarks for the name Johnny Apple seeds, Rob then changed the name of his company to Johnny’s selected seeds. After taking over the farmland in Maine, the first logo of Johnny Seeds appeared and is still being used today.

Rob knew from the start that the soil which was organically enriched and was unexposed to fertilizers and pesticides was the best for growing seeds, the farmland in Maine was exactly what he was looking for, and the soil was beautiful sandy loam. He rewrote the catalog of his company to give it the shape of a grower’s handbook for the gardeners to help them save their vegetable seeds on their own. He started offering several vintage varieties of seeds which were totally different from the hybrid seeds which broke down after one generation. He put in a lot of effort into rigorous testing and quality development of the seeds and was the first one to lay down the foundation for such tests and experiments. This made his products very much popular among the farmers and gardeners and gave his company a strong consumer base. His catalog included a rich diversity of seeds of all kinds, and his company was among the first companies to produce and sell so many varieties of seeds under a single roof.

Johnny seeds were backed by 100% guarantee and the company never gave any chance to complain about its products to any of its consumers. Once, when accidently low quality seeds of a low germination rate of 60% were accidentally sent to the consumers, the seeds were replaced as soon as possible by Johnston, with apologies. Johnston knew that a strong consumer base was very important so he could not afford losing his customers, because if he sold low quality products to his customers they would not come back to buy his products. Johnny Seeds have today made a brand name which is backed by 100% guarantee and exports seeds to 50 countries around the globe and also all over America making Johnston the owner of one of the largest and the most popular seed producing companies in the world. The next time you’re up to growing some vegetables, fruits or flowers in your backyard, get yourself some guaranteed seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

Regardless of the variety of seed you will be planting this year, it is important to protect your investment with a good all natural deer repellent. By protecting your investment, you will ensure a bountiful harvest.