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March 12, 2018 2 min read

Methods of repelling rabbits

There are a variety of choices when it has to do with rabbit repellents. This is due to the fact that one method cannot work for them all. If you have a little garden and your aim is to safeguard some plants, the solution you would require would be different from an orange farmer.

This article would aid in explaining the different methods for keeping rabbits at bay and how to apply commercial rabbit repellents.

Spray on Repellents

This is a quite recognized choice for owners of small gardens, most farmers apply commercial rabbit repellents which come in form of spray on and are ideal for safeguarding crucial crops like pricey food or plants.

A lot of spray’s can be purchased in dissoluble or mixed forms. These commercial sprays are best utilized sparingly and they are a cheap means of keeping your pest issue in check. There are a lot of commercial spray on been sold on the market today, its best to go through each of them and select the one that is best for your requirement. Rabbit MACE is a proven all-natural rabbit repellent. This product has a duel sticking agent making it resistant to rain.

Methods of repelling rabbits

Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellent’s

Some little mammals’ posses hearing that are sensitive and have the capacity to hear noises that are high pitched which humans cannot hear. Ultrasonic repellents have the capacity to make sounds that are very loud and high pitched which rabbits find unappealing.

Although the sounds may not be adequate to prevent a rabbit that is hungry from getting close to the emitter, it will prevent them, from starting to live on your garden. This is ideal for farmers who do not want to apply commercial rabbit repellents in form of spray on and want to safeguard their plants or livestock from infestation of rabbits.

Strobe and Light Repellents

Animals detest lights that are not natural and usually run away from the flicker emitted from a torch light. That is why the effect a strobe light would have on them is pretty much uncomfortable. Strobe light repellents are ideal for massive areas but can be utilized in little spaces also.

It also has some disadvantages as well, as a strobe light at high capacity could be annoying to individuals around your environment. So, it’s best to consider those around you before purchasing this strobe light.

The above is some of the best ways of safeguarding your garden and ensuring rabbits are kept at bay at all moments. Asides from the fact that they can be easily utilized, they can all be attained at cheap and affordable prices.