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January 25, 2019 2 min read

The harmful nature of mosquitoes has led to the development of various means of keeping them away from homes and properties. Repellents, insecticides, sprays, zappers and some other means have been devised all in the bid to keep homes and properties mosquito free. Bug zapper which is one of the most common devices used to kill insect is believed to also kill mosquitoes. The bug zapper is an electronic device which makes use of ultraviolet light as an attractant of insects and mosquitoes. It has compartment for collection of insects and the insects collected are crushed and scattered around. Since most insects are attracted to light, the UV light present in the zapper attracts the insects. Any insect that comes in contact with the device is sucked in and crushed to its death or better still electrocuted by the current produced by the zapper. Bug zappers are usually kept in a protected case to prevent direct contact to the body since it produces electric current.

However, research has proven that bug zappers rarely kill biting mosquitoes. This is because mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide not light as it helps direct them to where their prey is. A good number of the insects killed by most bug zappers are not biting mosquitoes. Only a few female mosquitoes are killed by these zappers simply because their curiosity led them close to the zappers. Excluding the fact that most bug zappers can hardly kill biting mosquitoes, they can as well cause pollution to the environment. During the scattering process of the insect’s microorganisms and bacteria are spread into the atmosphere thereby causing pollution. It has been observed that homes without bug zappers have lesser number of mosquitoes present than those with bug zappers. Notwithstanding, a few bug zappers are believed to also kill biting mosquitoes.

Flowtron bug zapper is one of the effective mosquito zapper. It can be used for outdoor purposes especially for large areas. This zapper works by attracting mosquitoes close and sucking them in once it comes close. The advantage of this zapper is that is it does not consume a large amount of current so your electricity bills will not be outrageous. This device can not only be used as a zapper but as a lantern because of its fancy design. Flowtron bug zapper is best for outdoor use hence it should not be made use of indoors as it doesn’t have insect collecting tray. Bug zappers emitting carbon dioxide or octenol are more effective than those having just UV light. Since mosquitoes are more attracted to carbon dioxide than light, the emission of this gas attracts them to the zapper which traps and kills them. The presence of the octenol in the zapper can also help attract mosquitoes especially the females to the device which kills them on contact.