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May 11, 2017 2 min read

What Makes Motion Activated Cat Deterrent Different From Others?

With the innovations that took place in the technology, the deterrent that one can purchase in the market nowadays have been more advanced. In fact, the motion activated cat deterrent is now very much available in the market and lots of people have been purchasing them. However, there are still people who are curious to know what makes it different from other deterrent and it would be further discussed in this article.

While there are motion activated deterrent for dogs and birds, there are also ones intended for cats. The typical motion activated cat deterrent you can see are ones that comes with a detector and a spray that causes no harm to cats and only keeps them away. Whenever a cat tries to go to a restricted area and the detector has sensed it’s movement, it would then spray gas or a solution. With that, the cat would be startled and then they would run away instead of proceeding with their plan of entering the area. It would then serve as the warning for the cat that they should not go near it again.

While some people think that they need to purchase a new one once the content of the spray has been consumed, they are wrong. In fact, refills are available as well and most manufacturers of such products offers it separately, which can be considered as a great money saver on the part of the homeowner. In addition to that, the motion activated cat deterrent can also be moved from one place to another without much problem. The angle in which it can detect movements can even be adjusted and so does the direction of the spray.

On the other hand, if you are somewhat on a tight budget, then you can just purchase the Cat MACE cat repellent products that not only effectively works but is budget friendly at the same time. Although the motion activated cat deterrent can be more advanced option, it works better than them. This is because most of the motion activated ones work on a battery or through it being plugged in an outlet. This only means that it would not work if the battery has run out and if there has been a power shortage in your area.

Motion Activated Cat Deterrent

There are times when you need to realize that just because it is an advanced technology or method doesn’t mean that it is the best option that you have. Sometimes, the simplest one like the Nature’s MACE products works far better than the motion activated cat deterrent. It is also a safer choice for you, your family and your cat of course, as it is made from natural ingredients. Besides, the manufacturers of the product sees to it that it has the most effective and strongest ingredients that would surely provide value to one’s money. You might as well buy the best to get the best result. They are also convenient and humane to use at the same time.