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December 10, 2017 3 min read

Repel Feral Cat from Vegetable Garden

Growing healthy vegetables can be quite challenging due to difficulties in managing pest and diseases. Animals such as deer, rabbits, feral cats and lots more love to feed on fresh veggies and they do not hesitate to invade anyone close by. Since feral cats have no home and no owner they live in the street and take shelter wherever possible or available. Cats are known to mark their territory with their urine therefore once a cat marks a particular area driving it away from such area can be somewhat cumbersome. A well trained cat can be easily controlled and corrected but feral cats are different because they have no form of training and are not social making them aggressive and hostile to people around.

If your vegetable garden is under constant attack from feral cats and your desire to put a stop to it, a few techniques, devices, method and repellent can be made use of for this purpose. One or more can be used at the same time for better effect.

Cats do not like water; they tend to becomes aggressive whenever water is poured on their body. The use of motion activated sprinkler will help ward off these feral cats from your garden. This device work by detecting the presence of the animal and once close within a specific range it begins to sprinkle water around hitting the animals within its range. Since cats do not like water constantly experiencing such will discourage them from going anywhere close your garden this in turns brings about the safety of your veggies in the garden.

In addition to the motion activated sprinkler, use of scarecrows in the garden is an effective method to protect your veggies from invasion of feral cats. Tying an aluminum pan or any other material capable of scaring feral cats on a stake will scare them off and you will have a garden free of cats and other wandering animals.

Aside their dislike for water, cats also does not like any fruit from the citrus family. You can apply repellents made of citrus and peppermint on and around the vegetable garden you can also plant a citrus tree in your garden for extra protection. The scent of these two products irritates their sense of smell and taste which leaves them very uncomfortable whenever they are around your garden; constant exposure to this kind of discomforting feeling will make the feral cat associate your vegetable garden as a not very conducive environment.

Cats prefer walking on soft soil and would stay clear of a prickly surface. Putting this into consideration, make the beds of your garden less attractive to them and they will be discouraged from intruding. The scent of human hair deters cats from coming close to the location. Spread stands of hair from the hair brush all over your garden and watch it safeguard your veggies. Washing off any marking they must have with urine properly will prevent constant invasion and attack on the same spot.

Repel Feral Cat from Vegetable Garden

Cat MACE cat repellent is a very effective type of repellent which works best to deter feral cats from attacking your vegetable garden. This repellent is the best among others as it not only deters feral cats but at the same times add nutrient to the soil owing to its components.