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August 22, 2017 2 min read

It is a frustrating sight to see cat paw prints in your car especially when you are in a hurry and have no time to spare to clean it. Feral cats are the usual type of cat that is behind these prints. Though they are domestic cats and usually do not socialize with people, they are still in close proximity with the civilization as they are in need of food and shelter that are easy to access from there.

Cats – be it a pet or feral one loves to perch on grounds that are high. That is why we always see them on the rooftop or other high grounds. That high ground to perch is somehow offered by your car. With that, you may start in your quest on how to repel feral cats from cars. There are easy ways to do so. Here are some of those.

  • Purchase cover for your car. This way is not technically about repelling cats. You are only avoiding the paw prints that they will be left behind through the covers. This way, at least, there would be no paw prints that will irritate your eyes.
  • Move the shelter along with the feeding stations of the cats away. This must be done gradually. This way you are discouraging the cats from coming close to your property and with this, you are also discouraging them to climb on your car.

This 2 ways can be effective but it is not much of a guarantee. If you want those feral cats totally repelled, you need to do better than this. On how to repel feral cats from cars, there is one sure way that will give a satisfactory result- that is through using deterrents.

There are plenty of cat deterrents in the world market today. But are they all the same? Is the effect each of them provides the same with the others? That would be a no. with that, you should only settle for the best one which is the Cat MACE from Nature’s MACE.

This cat repellent is intended to repel those feral cats without harming them. They may be sore in some other people’s eyes, but they do not need to be harmed. They just need to be repelled. And that is what this new product from Nature’s MACE is offering.

This is the answer on how to repel feral cats from cars that offer effectiveness and safety. This product aims to discourage the feral cats from climbing your car and leaving paw prints. With this product applied, the feral cats and other nuisance animals will be trained to stay out of the area. With the Cat MACE in your hand, feral cats will definitely stay out of your car.

How to Repel Feral Cats from Cars

Paw prints may be easy to clean – but that is only when you have the time and patience for it. If not, you need to find the solution to the dilemma on how to repel feral cats from cars as quick as you could. And that solution is the Cat MACE from Nature’s MACE.

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