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November 30, 2017 2 min read

Repel Feral Cats from Garden

Cats (even the feral cats) are super lovely because of their cuteness and playfulness but they can become more problematic than they can be cute because of the harm they cause in our gardens. They get to root out seedlings and young shots and turn garden beds and borders into their restrooms! As if the ruins are not trouble enough, they can transmit the Toxoplsma gondii parasite to humans when contact is made with their excreta. This is particularly a serious health concern to pregnant women. Their excreta do not even possess the slightest ability to fertilize the soil as is the common belief. They are rather poisonous, can make plants ill and eventually kill them. The tips can go a long way in repelling feral cats from your garden.


Barricading your garden makes it less attractive to feral cats. Be it a fence (of tree pruning or wire mesh), or a gate, any kind of physical barrier reduces the likelihood of cats infesting your garden. If erecting a fence would not be cost effective, planting prickly bushes around your garden is also an ideal way of keeping them away from your garden and garden beds. These plants include Bramble Blackberry, Pyracantha, and Berberis.


Certain plants give off scents that are rather repulsive to cats. These plants are Lemon balm, Coleus canina (Scardy cat plant), rosemary, rue, lavender and pennyroyal. The effectiveness of their scents can be increased by interplanting these shrubs with your garden plants so that their scents can be stronger. Peels of citrus fruits also repel those furry balls a great deal, so throwing some fresh peels around your garden frequently helps in keeping cats away.


Commercial repellents are sure to keep feral cats away from your garden when properly used over a long period of time butCat MACE cat repellent assures you of feline disappearance from your lawn or garden.

Cat MACE has undergone thorough research and testing to ensure maximum product performance while keeping up with Eco-friendly standards. It safe for use in protecting flowerbeds, trees, shrubs and seedlings against damage from feline agents, it is also biodegradable, has no toxic content and poses no form of threat to you, your plants and pets. Nature’s MACE has been proven to be the most effective all-year-round protection against feline damage.


A combo of strong scents is really repulsive to cats and would therefore go a long way in keeping feral cats away from your garden.

Combining a teaspoon of black pepper, a clove of ground garlic, dry mustard, few drops of an essential oil of citrus and cinnamon in a spray bottle filled with water and applied to the garden beds helps to keep feral cats far from your garden.

Since water and wet areas repel cats, feral cats can be repelled from the garden by ensuring the floor and beds of the garden are continually wet.

Repel Feral Cats from Gardens