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August 10, 2017 2 min read

Any homeowner is aware that neighborhood cats, particularly the feral and strays can be a very annoying problem. If you have more cats camping and prowling out in your yard, then you’re probably thinking of the best ways on how to repel feral cats from yard.

One of the best methods to repel cats from your yard is to use the cat repellent products from Nature’s MACE. They provide 100% non-toxic, organic cat repellent products that can keep feral and stray cats away from your yard. If left unguarded, the feral and stray cats will invade you yard, set up a camp, and take over your deck and patio furniture space. You don’t like cats, not only because they leave their dander and fur behind to torment those with allergies, but they destroy your carefully manicured yard including the garden and flower pots using them as their personal litter space. So, how to repel feral cats from yard? There are many methods you can possibly use and one of them is through Nature’s MACE cat repellent products. In addition to the damage the cats may incur in your yard, they can also smash your plants and turn all the hard work and efforts you’ve placed to beautify it into waste.

Some of the gardeners and homeowners use harsh measures such as pellet guns or use of poisons. Not only is this cruel but also very dangerous. With this, you are in risk of harming your own pets and the health of your children.

Other gardeners use smelling chemicals, herbs, and many industrial cat repellent formulas. However, the use of these methods on how to repel feral cats from yard can be very intrusive, dangerous and ugly to the environment. As mentioned above, Nature’s Mace cat repellent products are 100% non-toxic and organic. In other words, this is a safe method to use to keep the stray and feral cats away.

One of the best methods available to you is to use the cat’s worst nightmare to you own advantage – WATER. Water is a good cat repellent and good for your yard too. Cats really hate it. As a matter of fact, water is called “Cat’s kryptonite” because of its effectiveness on how to repel feral cats from yard. However, the problem is that, you can’t always be there to surprise the cats with water spray. At night, cats will most likely set up a camp again in your yard while you’re sound asleep.

Keeping this in mind, one of the best methods to repel the cats away in your yard is to use the motion activated sprinklers. Even during your sleep or when you are away, you can rest assure that your yard is free from these cats.

How to Repel Feral Cats from Yard

The use of motion activated sprinklers is just as effective as the use of Nature’s MACE cat repellent products. In practical terms, Nature’s MACE cat repellent products are more cost-effective. Spraying these cat repellent products in your yard can provide you long days of cat-free yard.