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January 11, 2010 2 min read

Seed Vegetables

Seeded vegetables


Seeded vegetables are among some of the most common crops that farmers attempt to protect. Rabbits are amongst the animals that enjoy eating delicious seeded vegetables! There’s a ton of nutritional benefits that come from seeded vegetables. Here are some examples of the common garden vegetables that animals love.

Tomatoes: Whether it’s in a garden or an agricultural field; squirrels, deer, rabbits, & rodents, will often feed on tomato plants. Rabbits will often graze on the leafy parts of a tomato plant, which can unfortunately lead to your plants becoming damaged. Tomatoes withhold a great deal of water, making this plant a beneficial resource for hydration to animals. This is especially true during warm months of the year when other water sources may be limited.


Cucumbers : Cucumbers are another great source of hydration for animals. Animals may find the taste of cucumbers to be mild & refreshing.They also provide essential vitamins (A&C) to their diet.  Rabbits enjoy cucumbers, along with certain reptile species. Cucumbers are an excellent plant for animals to “forage” on (they keep animals busy!).


Bell Peppers : Animals enjoy bell peppers for their water content & nutrient-rich diet. Their high vitamin C content can be beneficial for an animal's overall health. Bell peppers are vibrant in color, making them give off a “ripe” appearance to animals.


Zucchini: Rabbits, rodents, raccoons, & squirrels enjoy the zucchini plant! Rabbits seem to prefer the leaves of a zucchini plant. Zucchini provides hydration, fiber, & vitamins for small mammals.


Here at Nature’s Mace, we prioritize the safety of people, animals, & plant health. Our liquid MACE products can be lightly misted onto vegetable plants, while our granular can be placed around plants (creating a 2-4 ft. wide strip of granular).


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