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June 07, 2012 2 min read

mole-girlThis article will cover mole repellents and their effects.

The pesky mammal known as the mole has been leaving volcano like eruptions of dirt in flowerbeds and gardens as long as they have been around. Desperate to keep away moles, homeowners and gardeners use water, whistling bottles, and even vehicular exhaust to banish these varmints. These tactics are not efficient in mole extermination.

Furthermore, traps have little efficiency in the control of moles. Home remedies are in theory a waste of time and effort in the battle against the mole. Moles are present in neighborhoods just as they are in the wild. They dig tunnels, destroying yards as if swimming through dirt. These tunnels and mounding progress slowly, therefore when you see a mole for the first time in your flowerbed, you need to act fast! Moles are on a lean diet of the earthworm rather than the misconception of the white grub as their main source of food. They target the “ecosystem engineers” the earthworm. This kills the fertilization of crops, and the tunnels destroy land. So, what must you do? Mole Repellents are a keen choice to avoid this pestering animal. There is little hands-on work required with fantastic results. This easy-to-use repellent is effective against these bothersome mammals and will ensure a mole free garden, flowerbed, or crop field.

Don’t waste your time and money on elaborate cage systems for moles when the real remedy is in effective mole repellents. They are hands down the best treatment for casting out moles.


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