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September 14, 2016 2 min read

What are moles? Moles are burrowing and nestling insectivores. They grow and develop to be in a long of six to eight inches and it have a color of gray to black soft fur, small ears and eyes and slim hairless snouts.

In what way can you stop your mole problem?

There are various methods and approaches for you to get rid and stop your mole problems that are available in the market like gassing, baiting and enticing with mole bait, mole traps, using insecticides or repellents to kill and destroy their sources of food.

With all these methods and approaches like trapping, persistence and patience are important factor to remember. Moles traps tend to be trapping the moles are the easiest and fastest during fall and spring season which the activity of mole is at peak. Exercising this in spring time can also remove the pregnant female moles in order to reduce their population.

Remember that you should able to locate and trace the main mole tunnels or runways for successful and effective trapping through the means of mole traps or baiting it with the use of mole bait. It is important that you detect the main tunnels that can trap moles to prevent its presence.


The presence and existence off moles can be shown by mounds or heaps of soil produced as they concept their tunnels or runways.

To locate and trace mole tunnels or runways in regular use, you must clear or free the heaps of soil and search for the opening, normally a small passage that directs and inches in to the main or core tunnel.

When you finally identify and look for the core runways search for tunnels which:

  • Follow and track relatively straight passage for several feet.
  • Appear and emerge to attach 2 mounds or 2 runway or tunnel systems.
  • Follow and track fence rows, tangible pathway or other borders that are man-made or
  • Track a woody perimeter in a field


 Put an end to Mole Problems

You can stop mole problems through these kinds of methods. Furthermore, you can trap moles through the use of Victor and Talpirid. Lawn damage and destruction caused by homeowners in moles plagues and specialists in lawn care alike. Talpirid mole trap is a dual-spring and heavy-duty trap designed and intended for use by the professional and expert pest regulation and control market. This kind of material offers and serves professional safety and speed in servicing and examining mole accounts. This specifically designed and created mole trap that is hands-free which is easy and fast to set and place.

After you identify and properly prepare an active and effective mole tunnel, just place and directs the trap jaws in the mole runways and stamp on the yellow pedal of the trap which sets and arrange the trigger. Once it was already set, talpirid mole sits near the ground that is no large and immense equipment marking out of the ground. And then you can catch moles and easily and safely. Therefore you can stop mole problems through this kind of material and method, all you need to do is to engage and practice these kinds of methods.