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June 20, 2019 1 min read

When traveling to a place, it is necessary to take these steps to ensure you don’t go home with bed bugs.

Once you get into the room you’d be staying, use a flashlight to inspect for bedbugs. Check the seams of the mattress, the upholstered furniture and luggage racks.

Don’t just place your luggage on the bed when you get to a hotel room. Inspect the luggage rack first, and then use the rack to hold your luggage while you start checking other places before unpacking.

Once you return home, put your luggage in a plastic container, then carefully pick out the clothing and other things, and put them into the washing machine, for heat laundering. Ordinary washing doesn’t kill bed bugs, but heat laundering does.

Don’t keep suitcase under your bed. Instead, keep them away from your room. You can keep them in the garage or basement.