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July 18, 2017 2 min read

Deer are equipped with a hypersensitive nose. In fact, there sense of smell is so strong that they can sniff out their delectable deli miles off. These set of creatures are picky with what they eat, and worse, they have a pretty large appetite.

They have a thing for soft, succulent, nutritious and easy to digest meals, and since they can’t always find such in the wild open, they always look to places where such food items are relatively abundant: gardens. Naturally, it is a lot harder to stop deer from revisiting a garden they have gotten used to, than keeping them from coming in the first place.

That being said, here are 5 effective tactics for keeping your garden safe from bambi

  1. Hot pepper spray

How did you feel the last time you sniffed up pepper? Soar and irritated right? Well, deer feel the same too when they smell pepper, only this time they experience a burning sensation on their nose that lasts for a pretty long while.

The trick here it to spray the pepper directly on the plants you wish to protect. Any deer that dares trespass would have a sorry tale to tell. On your part, ensure the pepper is reapplied as often as possible.

  1. Human hair

For some unexplained reason, deer are repulsed by the smell of human hair, hence making human hair an excellent deer deterrent. Luckily, all it takes to get a bag load of human hair is just to ask – there are several barbers and hairdressers within your neighborhood right? So this shouldn’t be a problem.

Unlike hot pepper spray, human hair works when stocked in small bags and then hung on strategic locations within a garden.

As a rule, the closer the small bags stuffed with human hair are to the perimeter of a garden, the stronger their repelling power.

  1. Human urine

The perceived presence of a predator scares the hell out of deer. But since you can’t keep coyote and jaguar, the two major predators that terrify deer, as pets, your best bet would be marking the perimeter of your garden with your own urine.

Of course, doing this is simple – all you need do is to catch your urine with bottle and then spraying the liquid either manually or with a spray bottle on the perimeter of your garden.

Gross! Who does that? If using your own urine is a no-no, use that of your pet dog. Take the dog two to three times a day to the spot you wish to mark off.

  1. Nature’s MACE deer and rabbit repellent

Work and a bunch of other stuff may make it impossible for you to squeeze out time to go hunt for human hair, let alone reapply them frequently.

Tips for keeping deer out of Garden

If so, well, you might have to look for better alternative, and one of such alternatives is using deer and rabbit repellent by Nature Mace. It is a repellent spray made using natural ingredients, so you guaranteed of being at peace with your mind when using it.

Interestingly, the repellent can last for a very long while with no need for reapplication.