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September 17, 2016 2 min read

Where to Buy Mole Repellent? Want to save your garden from mole problems but don’t know where to start? In terms of pest control and soil aeration, moles are undeniably helpful animals. When excavating their tunnels, these small intruders exterminate bugs by eating the grubs and enhance ground with oxygen. But, too much moles activity can result in significant destruction to your garden. They can damage plants roots, provide entryway to other small invaders, and ruin striking architecture of your garden by their nasty grass and ground mounds. In order to keep the beauty of your lawn and vegetable plants, you need to take immediate action in case you see the first sign of moles mounds. The use of mole repellents is very crucial.

Mole repellents include a liquid that fights off moles and any other small pests. It is widely available in powder, granular forms or pill, however liquid is the most typically used kind of mole repellent. Castor oil is the popular type of repellents as moles hate this oil and will surely flee from it. This can be sprayed over or near the tunnel areas and molehills, then soaked using a hose until the soil becomes saturated. Soaking gives maximum mole repellent penetration in the soil.

Get rid of moles in your prized garden? Fortunately, moles are not social animals. Therefore, you just need to remove one of the little suckers and your troubles would be over. There are several mole repellents you can use to keep the beauty of your garden, including: Mole trap. The first thing you need to do is forage your property and find as many holes and tunnels as you can. Afterwards, discover which tunnels the mole utilizes regularly by destroying the tunnel’s part and waiting to see if the mole repairs it. You can use this as an advantage to set up a trap inside the tunnel without catching them.

Mole molestation. Other smart way is to use mousetraps for catching moles since they have the same size with the large mouse. Try mixing castor oil, cayenne pepper, and oil soap together, and then dilute it with warm water. The soap will lead the cayenne pepper and castor oil to stick to the skin of moles, which in sequence will result them to burn and itch.

Mole repellents. Placing hair of a person down in the holes or using fox urine is one of the effective mole repellents many homeowners have tried and recommended. Plain castor oil will give the moles a troubled stomach which could motivate them to leave the area and never come back.

Where to Buy Mole Repellent

The next concern that may arise into your mind is where to begin your search. Now that you have fully settled on which mole repellents you will use, finding the right service provider is the next concern. Since there are many companies that offer such service, you may find it quite confusing. Good thing internet has opened up several possibilities for people. These days, you don’t need to go into a store physically only to buy a mole repellent.