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December 30, 2015 2 min read

Mice are a worldwide problem: wherever humans live, there are also mice looking for food in our trash, pantries, and garden sheds. And mice are a nuisance in more than one way. Mice can gnaw their way through electrical wires and walls, leaving extensive damage that is expensive to repair, and the waste they leave behind can be contaminated with any number of diseases that can be spread to humans. Besides that, they can be an embarrassing problem to have if they are noticeable by guests in your home.

The first step to ridding your home (or shed, barn, or garage) of mice is to first tightly seal off any food. In a house, cereals, grains, etc. should be stored in airtight containers, and in out buildings, bird food and flowers seeds should also be secure. Having a cat that is a good mouser, or a terrier, like a rat terrier, can also be quite successful in keeping the mice at bay.

Once food sources are taken care of, homeowners will want to know where to buy the best mouse repellent. There are several types of mouse repellent, in addition to traps and poisons. Repellents are sometimes the most attractive option to homeowners who don’t want the mice, but prefer ridding their homes of the rodents in a harmless and humane manner. Although repellents are generally a little bit less effective than traps and poisons, they solve the problem of having to deal with dead mice, and the right ones are also safe to use in home that have pets or children.

Where to buy the best mouse repellent usually depends a little bit on where you live. Midsize and large cities are sure to have retail stores like Walmart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot, where products like mouse repellents can be purchased. However, Amazon or other online retailers are more often where to buy the best mouse repellent. Online retailers often have the largest selections, in addition to the advantage of having consumer reviews. Even the online versions of traditional brick and mortar stores like Walmart now offer customer reviews so that consumers can read reactions from others about almost any product available.

Amazon carries a number of brands that offer whole lines of repellents for nuisance animals. For the homeowner who is looking for a repellent, as opposed to a trap or poison, there are a number of option available that interfere with a mouse’s sense of smell and taste, and encourage them to go elsewhere, without hurting or killing them. The active ingredients in these repellents are usually strong scented essential oils, such as cinnamon oil, garlic oil, or mint oil like peppermint or spearmint oil. These scents can be pleasant smelling to humans, but the strength really irritates the delicate noses of mice and other rodents, and sends them scurrying away. These organic repellents come in different forms, such as pellets to sprinkle around, or sprays. Online retailers are the best places to go when looking for where to buy the best mouse repellent, because you will have the largest variety to choose from online.