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January 05, 2016 2 min read

Despite of the benefits of wildlife population recovery in protecting the population of deer, still many homeowners are having a huge headache on facing the saga of the deer population explosion. The increase in the number of these wild animals has not only resulted in extensive crop damage for some farmers, but this animal has also migrated to some rural areas where people are residing. This has caused the population of deer comfortable with people, and allowing them to boldly graze your ornamental plants, shrubs and some vegetable within your garden. As our cities expend in wilderness, our neighbors was overlapping with deer feeding grounds, and mostly these animals find your garden like a buffet of delicious foods. And of course, as homeowners, one of the best thing to repel this animals from bringing chaos inside your garden is through odor deer repellent.

You can plan ahead of time to choose an odor deer repellent in the market. From the word itself, ‘deer repellent’ also acts as a ‘resistant’ to deter these animals away and protect your plants from getting destroyed or being eaten by these animals. These deterrents are inexpensive and easy to use, and so is typically one of the most popular defenses for gardeners and homeowners against unwanted intrusion of deer in their garden. Odor repellents are categorized into two groups, those repellents that interfere with deer’s sensitive smell, such as aromatic soaps and bars for it signals them a sense of danger. And the other type is those which send an alert for deer, such as predator scent. These repellents work best when applied on a regular basis or every four weeks. These are also applied to edible crops and other fruit-bearing plants up until the harvesting time.

Some of these odor deer repellents needs a frequent re-applications, especially after rains. While humid weather on the other hand, can enhance the scent of these repellents. Since deer are feed from ground level (about 6ft high while 6ft above the snowline during winter), the repellent should be applied in these areas to deter then effectively. In some cases, many homeowners find it more convenient and easiest to control these animals from getting in contact with their garden by using a home remedy, such as hanging smelly bars and soaps in the garden, and the stronger scent the bar emit, the better is the result. However, homeowners should be careful in hanging soaps on shrubs because rodents are more attracted to dripped soaps on the surface of the plant’s stem.

You can also buy an odor deer repellent from online shops or other store, which offers different kind of spray or deer scent repellent products. A gallon of odor deer repellents mixed with water can already cover up an acre of plants and can only be bought at lowest price. That’s why it is best to check out and visit your local garden shop to see if there’s any available odor repellent for your needs.