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January 06, 2016 2 min read

House mice are a huge problem for homeowners. They literally live everywhere, and they can be very annoying and harmful. To get rid of house mice, homeowners must take immediate decisive action, without it, they will continue to be a problem that will only worsen as their families grow, and as they chew on more and more wires, and leave more waste behind. Mice problems should be tackled as soon as the mice are detected in order to get rid of them as effectively as possible and with as little damage to you house as possible.

Not only houses, but sheds, garages, businesses, cars, stables, and barns are susceptible to mouse problems, and should be kept clear of mice as well. Anywhere that provides shelter from the weather, and possible food sources, can attract mice. Mice can do harm even in a shed- from chewing through wires on lawn mowers and other equipment, to eating flower seeds and bird food, to leaving behind waste that can carry diseases. Luckily, there are numerous ways to successfully get rid of a mouse problem, and many places both in person and online where to buy mice repellent products.

Essential oils such as peppermint oil work well as natural deterrents that are not only nontoxic, but even pleasant smelling to use. However the smell is too strong for mice and they won’t try and go close to it. Peppermint oil, spearmint oil, and cinnamon oil all can be used to repel mice, and they can be purchased in most food stores and even some major grocery stores. There are also several different places to shop for mouse repellent that contains peppermint or other oils in repellents that are ready to spread right out of the bottle, and tend to be easier to use than handling the straight oil. For instance, Amazon offers a good kind of mouse repellents in each spray and pellet type, that have ingredient lists that include these effective ingredients.

Where to buy mice repellent is a choice between online and brick and mortar stores, and a choice between a large number of places, because most stores, whether grocery, convenience, hardware, or drug stores can have some sort of mouse management products on the market. Several of the larger retailers like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and similar places will have a wider variety of repellents that contain nontoxic and environmentally friendly repellents that are also a humane choice of mouse control.

Another style of mouse repellent that may be used is electronic repellents that emit supersonic sounds (undetectable to human ears) which will frighten mice away. These kinds of product are usually available online.

Regardless of the strategy of mouse management that you select to deal with your rodent problem, there a variety of costs, sizes, and stores—both on-line an in town— where to buy mice repellent. Visiting a few, looking at articles on the internet about effective methods, and reading online consumer reviews are valuable ways to select the best methods for your particular situation.