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January 07, 2016 2 min read

Link to Dog Repellents

Dog repellent granularHave you ever worked all day arranging a flower bed to perfection, only to have your friendly four legged best friend plop down for a nap and crush all your hard work? This type of awful scenario and other similar ones can be prevented by using an effective but humane dog repellent granular product in your garden or any area of your property that should be dog free. Even dog urine can leave unsightly brown burn marks on an otherwise healthy lawn. But training your dog where to urinate, and even keeping neighbor dogs from stopping to pee at your house, is not so hard as you might imagine, with dog repellent. Granular dog repellents are available for purchase online, in pet stores, and in gardening stores, and can be quite effective in repelling dogs from your property, or even training your own dog to stay away from certain areas of your property.

Not to be confused with the granular or pellet products that are made from predator urine and that are available to deter herbivores like rabbits and deer, granular products meant to repel dogs are usually made from plant products. Therefore, there are not any issues like concern about inhumane treatment of the predators, or unpleasant urine odors that sometimes accompany the other products. In fact, some of the dog repelling granular have an odor that is quite pleasant to human noses.

Dog repellent granular products are most often made with essential oils that have a strong scent and taste that is naturally repelling to dogs, who have extremely sensitive sense of smell. Many of these repellents are include ingredients such as clove oil, mint oil, citronella oil, pepper, or other natural oils. Sprays that contain these oils can be made at home and used with similar effectiveness, but the granular products will not be easily rinsed away in the rain or by sprinklers. The repellent granules are easy to apply by sprinkling around one’s yard, and because they are all natural, they are safe to use around pets and other animals, as well as children who may play in the areas where they are sprinkled.

The dog repellent granular pieces will help train dogs to keep out of your garden, or even off your lawn. Sprinkling granules around the perimeter of one’s property will also deter stray or loose neighbor dogs from marking their territory in your yard, and from entering your property. And with regular use, your pet will so become trained to stay away from the affected areas, and will learn new habits for playing, napping, and relieving itself. The natural oils are also safe for garden plants.

Because of the variety of products available, as a consumer, one should research the ingredients in each product, especially if looking for an all natural or organic product. Reading customer reviews is an excellent way to determine how effective a dog repellent granular product is expected to be.