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January 09, 2016 2 min read

An excellent way to keep dogs and cats away from your yardstray dog and cat repellent, or areas of your yard, is by the use of an electronic dog repellent. There are quite a few available varieties of electronic dog repellents, and the best one will depend on a particular situation.

For a homeowner who struggles with a neighbor dogs and cats coming into the yard, one of the best choices for an electronic dog repellent is to install one or more around the area you wish to protect. Several versions of these can be found online, and they can be activated by motion, barking, or both. Once activated, they will emit an ultrasonic sound that is not audible to humans, but will keep away dogs and other pests, including coyotes. Another variety of motion activated deterrent is a motion activated sprinkler, which will turn on when it detects motion, scaring off intruders by spraying water on them. This is effective for some dogs, although there are dogs that love to run and frolic in a sprinkler. Cats, rabbits, and other animals will also be deterred by sprinkler systems like this.

For a homeowner who owns a puppy or a new dog and is working to train the dog to relieve itself in certain areas and avoid fouling up others, a handheld ultrasonic device is very useful, and typically less expensive than the model described above. Similar in size and shape to a remote control, or phone, this type of electronic dog and cat repellent is activated by the touch of a button. This can be used to train a puppy or new dog to avoid certain areas of one’s yard, like gardens, or play areas for children that you want to keep waste-free. As the dog enters an area like that, a press of the button on the device will emit an ultrasonic sound that will teach the dog to avoid the area altogether. These devices can be used to not only repel dogs from certain areas, but for other bad dog behaviors like barking or digging. These devices can also be used on walks if there are loose or barking dogs.

Finally, an excellent choice of electronic dog repellent for dog owners is an invisible fence. These are wires that can be buried along perimeters of any garden or area that you would like to keep your dog out of. Likewise, they will keep dogs in a certain area, because when a dog with the accompanying collar attachment tries to stray across a line, it will receive an unpleasant jolt that will eventually train the dog which area to stay in, and which areas to avoid altogether.

Those are the main types of electronic dog and cat repellent available, and the best one will depend on they type of dog issues you would like to solve and your budget.