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January 11, 2016 2 min read

You may find roses as a beautiful sight for your yard but not everyone knows that roses are also good for protecting your garden. A number of homeowners prefer planting roses in their garden because of its repelling quality against creatures that can cause havoc and destruction on the garden. However, for deer, they prefer the young buds of rose that can be destructive for the yard after they eat all those. But in other cases, there are other types of roses that they avoid because of its poisonous qualities.

One of the kinds of deer repellent roses is rugosas. Deer avoid rugosas because of the scent of its flowers. Generally, they grow in hardened in some parts of America. Rugosas grow in locations where they receive direct heat and sunlight that is why you will see them in full blossom during summer. Sir Thomas Lipton is a type of rugosas that usually has dark green or white flowers. Its fragrance soothes the nose.


Harison’s Yellow Rose

Planting this on your garden will produce a different energy in the yard. Its bright yellow flower is likely to attract anyone. It is also an effective deer repellent that has been a favorite among several gardeners many years ago. It grows for approximately 6 feet tall either under partial or full sun. Unlike other hybrid of roses, they do not bloom more often but it can bear flowers at least more than once. But one thing that gardeners love about it is that it grows on almost varied climate that makes it a versatile plant that can live anywhere.



This is another deer resistant hybrid of rose that is also termed as “Baby Mermaid”. Commonly, it has canary yellow flowers that bloom in between small leaves. It grows about 3 to 5 feet tall thus; they are like small shrubs that grow abundantly in mostly topical locations. This is mostly preferred by homeowners because it requires very low-maintenance. It doesn’t need to be watered often only that it grows beautifully in full sun. You also don’t have to prune it regularly because it grows only a small percentage for a given period of time.


Father Hugo

Another hybrid of deer resistant rose is Father Hugo. It also comes in yellow rose that can repel deer even from a distance. The delicate flowers of Father Hugo only grow in very short stems but it is a perfect picture to depict especially during autumn because it turns into dark red. Unlike Happenstance, this one grows taller for about 6 to 8 feet under direct sunlight. Similar to other hybrid of roses, it can also grow abundantly in arid conditions. All throughout summer, its flowers are on its full blossom that is why it would be best to have it pruned prior to this season to have its full beauty during the sunny season.

These are just some of the deer resistant roses that can be a perfect protection for your garden. Deer avoid thorny plants so planting roses will create a potential garden screen against them.