Do Deer Eat Pumpkins?

I grow a lot of pumpkins in my garden. It’s one of the pastimes I’ve undertaken to gain a steady supply of these vegetables for my sweet savory dishes. Last Halloween, we had a lot of leftover pumpkins and I was left wondering what to do with them. With deer frequenting my backyard, the answer seems not farfetched. Over the years, I’ve had deer stroll into my backyard. While I wasn’t sure at first if these deer would eat the pumpkins or not, I decided to give it a trial. What better way to find out than to perform a little experiment myself? What was the result of my experiment? Do deer eat pumpkins?

The Pumpkin Diet

Deer love to eat pumpkins. While many parts of a pumpkin are edible, including the flowers, leaves, seeds and the squishy portion of the rind, it is the pumpkin guts that these deer love the most. So, in order to get them to actually eat these pumpkins, it is advisable that you pop open the pumpkin before feeding them to deer.

Just like their feeding pattern changes with the seasons, the deer taste in pumpkin changes as the season varies. In the summer, they are more likely to feed on the leaves of the pumpkins. During the fall, they are more likely to switch to feeding on the fruits.

After harvesting your pumpkins and you’re at a loss what to do with the leftovers, feeding them to the deer sounds like a nice option. Without the slightest idea that there are animals who love to feed on pumpkins, a lot of pumpkin growers throw their leftover pumpkins into the trash can. Now, that can be avoided by feeding the pumpkins to deer, especially during the fall, and if you live in an area where deer abound.

How to Feed Pumpkins to Deer?

Like was mentioned earlier, deer love the soft and spongy part of the pumpkins. So, you will have to cut open the pumpkins to make them tastier for the deer. It also makes it easier for the deer to access them. Most pumpkins come in hard shells. Without smashing them open, it will be difficult for the deer to eat them.

Again, finding the right spot for the deer to access the pumpkins is important. You can dump the pumpkins in areas where the deer frequents, whether in your backyard or in an open space. Fortunately for me, my home was situated near a forest. So, it wasn’t difficult getting these deer to come around. Moreover, I had an open garden. All I had to do was just to drop the pumpkins in there. It wasn’t up to a week when I began noticing the presence of deer in my backyard. Within days, the pumpkins we’re completely gone, eaten by the deer.

Are Pumpkins Healthy for Deer

Pumpkins have proved to be healthy fruits for deer. They have rich fiber content, contains Vitamin C and Potassium that helps to keep the deer healthy. The different parts of the pumpkin provide different nutritional value to the deer. The pumpkin guts have large fiber contents. These provide the deer with strong bones. The pumpkin seeds are a source of fats to the deer, which will be useful during the harsh weather conditions of the winter when food is usually scarce.

Finally, do deer eat pumpkins? They actually love this plant which is a rich source of important nutrient critical to the healthy functioning of the deer. Do you plan on feeding pumpkins to deer? Don’t hesitate to do so.


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  1. Jan on November 7, 2021 at 3:54 pm

    Does this take into consideration that deer have sensitive specialized stomachs that could be harmed by this change in diet?

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