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December 05, 2016 4 min read

Beg Bug Bites

The only source of feeding for the bed bugs is the blood. For them to attain the maturity stage they must feed once at each stage. In addition, the mature females need blood for egg production.

How to Identify the Bites

There are certain signs such as presence of blood on your clothe, mark of the bite and bed bug feces which tell the bugs are present. Marks of the bites are usually seen on the part of the body that is exposed during sleep such as legs, arms, hands, necks, face, and shoulders. In most cases although not always the case bite of bed bugs are usually seen as a cluster in a particular spot and it most often assumes a zigzag pattern. The bites most often appears to be like a raised, flat or small part of skin which might turn out to be red, itchy or swollen. The effect of bed bug bites is hardly noticed the first day of the bite it rather takes few days before its manifestation. Nonetheless the reaction to bed bug bites varies depending on the individual.

There are some factors which determine the size of a bed bug bite. They usually transfer an anti-coagulant into the body through their saliva when they feed on the person’s blood. The coagulant has a part to play on how the individual would react to it and at the same time the size of the bite also depends on it. The size of the bite also depends on the number of bite the individual received. The reaction of individuals bitten several times differs, as the bite increases the reaction might either increase or worsen.

These creatures puncture the skin with their long beak and feed through it. Pain from the bite might takes hours or even days before it would be felt. As a result of this they can feed for up to 10 minutes at a go. Beg bugs mostly feed on the part of the skin that is exposed.

Bite Symptoms

For some persons, the effect of bed bug bites such as red or swollen skin, itches a day after the bite. But it takes longer for some individuals while some never feel it at all. There are some bites which are never noticed and a lot of people do not feel the effect of the bite at all.

The marks of bed bug bites sometimes appear in form of small, multiple red marks on the exposed part of the skin where so many of them have fed from. The bites can be accompanied by itches. At first, the bitten individual might feel a little burning sensation. The affected part of the skin later turns into red bumps referred to as wheals or papules (rash). In a more severe situation, the bites might swell and result to skin inflammation.

Try not to scratch your body if any of the bitten part has turned into rashes. Seek medical assistance if the rash stays too long or becomes infected.

Why Do They Bite?

Their major and only source of feeding is through the blood therefore they must bite in order to feed.

Most times, a single bed bug would bite more than once. It begins to feed once it is able to find the right blood vessel and the first piercing of the skin is hardly successful. Furthermore, this creature is move sensitive which means it would withdraw its mouth part from the body whenever the host moves and in order to continue feeding it would search for another suitable blood vessel. It should be noted that the number of bite marks present on the body of the victim does not account for the number of bed bug that attacked him or her.

Side Effects of Infections

If the bed bug bite becomes exposed and infected it could cause a more severe problem which might develop into swelling and bleeding of the skin. Bed bug bite might become a major problem in children, aged ones, individual with weak immune system especially those that are bedridden.

How to Identify Bites on Pets

Bed bug bites on pets like cats and dogs is usually similar to that of humans but the pet owners might think the bit was gotten from a flea or mosquito. Bed bugs do not stay on the body of pets which is similar to humans rather it goes back to its safe environment after feeding. Skin irritation, cast skin and presence of feces indicate bed bug attack. Therefore to prevent your pet from its attack you should constantly clean the bedding of the pet and always keep it neat and as well be at alert for any of the signs.

Bed Bug Bites

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