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July 11, 2016 2 min read

In this article we will discuss the best cat control. Cats are beautiful animals. They have a grace that some humans cannot even achieve. But there are just times when they are out of our control, which leads us to actually hate them at some point. To avoid that, here are some ways to help you. Consider this as cat control guides that you can use to handle your pet.

The Basic Trick
This trick is basic as it works on almost all types of cat regardless of what breed they are. The squirt bottle method is the best to use when your cat is doing some bad things no matter how little it maybe. Squirt your cat whenever he or she is behaving badly. This will make them mad and stop abruptly

Sternly say ‘No’

When your cat is always jumping in your table which probably irritates especially when you are eating, pick the cat and put it in the ground and say ‘no’ sternly. This might take a long time and you would do it repetitively but your cat will eventually get the idea that the word no means they are off the table. This cat control maybe quite tiring but it can be effective in the long run.

Get a scratching post
If your cat always claws on your furniture you can simply get a scratching post. With this you can make your cat happy and you would not have to declaw them which are more expensive. Declawing them maybe safer for your furniture but it can harm your cat. It will make them unprotected from other cats who have claws. This can also temporarily hurt your cat and their healing stage varies depending on the age and size. It could be anywhere from few days or weeks in couple.

Spading or Neutering
Neutering or spading can stop your cats from peeing in your walls. But this cat control should be consulted first with a vet. Spading can stop a cat from having babies especially for the wild cats.

Never Attack Back
If your cat attacks you, do not attack in return. This might just encourage them to attack you more. But of course you should still do something to stop them because the attack can be painful depending if it has claws or not and on its strength. Squirting bottle can be good but with kittens, they usually attack with this provocation. Usually they can outgrow it. The best thing to do is know the reason behind the attack as your cat control. Maybe they are in pain, hungry or thirsty and those made them mad and attack you in response. Your deprivation for their needs can cause your cats to go wild.

Best cat control

Cats are not much harmful. You only need cat control to discipline them whenever they misbehave. But cats are also lovable and if you give them proper care and attention and does not deprive them of their needs they are unlikely to go wild. So the best way to control your cats would be to love them and care for them.