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July 14, 2016 2 min read

In this article we will discuss the best cat deterrent. Aside from commercially made best cat deterrent available out there, there are natural ways that you can use which are proven effective and efficient like the former. You will truly save your money for the reason that, there are no big costs. You will be able to enjoy amazing and extraordinary results as well. In other words, if you are a little bit stingy and want to allot your money to other expenditures, here are the natural steps you can consider:

  1. Remove all the Available Attractants

Stray cats might enter your residential property because it might have water, other stray cats’ scents, and food sources. However, removing all these things are a little bit complicated. To guide you all throughout the process, you ought to avoid feeding the animals near your residential property, secure all the garbage bins, clean up the leftover drinks and foods, remove trash, remove the sources of water from your garden, clean up all your pets such as cats and dogs, and remove all the cat feces. When you follow all of these things, you will be able to deter the animals.

Apart from that, garbage is considered as one of the biggest sources of food for stray cats. In this situation, you need to deter or repel unwanted trespassers via spraying the trash bags and waste containers as early as possible which can surprise you of not seeing these animals on your garden and other parts of your house.

  1. Construct Fence to Avoid Stray Cats

You can use chicken wire and install it around the area where the animals are coming back which can also lead to avoiding all the problems that stray cats have given to you. If you have chickens at your backyard, you can employ the remaining wire for you to be able to save. However, if you do not have, you can utilize other kinds of fence like bamboo.

  1. Use the Best Cat Deterrent

Noise, sudden movement, and burst of water can push the animals away from any parts of your house. Aside from that, electronic deterrents can be considered as an excellent and extraordinary protection against the stray cats. When it comes to the noise, the sound deterrent that has high a pitched can be a great idea. In terms of water, they will totally drive away when it bursts suddenly. So, with these natural ways, you can possibly avoid them from coming.

  1. Plant Canina Coleus in Your Garden

Canina Coleus is sometimes called scaredy plant which is easy to the eyes for the reason that it has spiky flowers. This plant can be an outstanding outdoor deterrent formula or solution in your garden as it has the capacity to release unpleasant smell to cats which can force them to leave the place of yours. You can ask your friend, neighbors, etc. if they have.

Best Cat Deterrent

To sum it up, the best cat deterrent is not only commercially made products in the market but also it can be natural such as removing all attractants to stray cats, constructing fence, using other deterrents, and planting Canina Coleus.