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May 04, 2013 3 min read

Best Homemade Deer Repellents

Best Homemade Deer RepellentsIn this article, we will discuss the best homemade deer repellents. Deer are able to quickly eat, trample, and otherwise damage gardens, trees, and other landscaping in as little ass a few minutes, and they have a well-earned reputation as some of the most persistent and destructive garden pests. The problem is so widely shared by gardeners everywhere, that there are many solutions and products available to keep these unwanted intruders away. The best homemade deer repellents are the most effective and economical, not to mention easy to make right at home. Click here for Product Review…

Deer Eat Plants

Deer will eat any plant with little discretion, but treating plants with homemade deer repellents has been shown to be very effective. The best homemade deer repellents are those made up with a mixture of egg and water. These two simple ingredients are all that is needed to keep the deer from wanting to eat any plant. The odor of the egg is unappetizing to the vegetarian animals, and the will stay away from any plant sprayed with it. The spray will, in fact, keep away other vegetarian nibblers all well, like rabbits.

Making the best deer repellent

Making the best homemade deer repellents can be done with egg solid from one egg, mixed with one gallon of water. This mixture should be left outside in the sun for a little while before being dribbled directly onto any plants. Leaving the mixture out gives the eggs time to begin the purification process, which of course makes the deterring odor even stronger, and the repellent even more effective. Once applied to the leaves, the mixture should be reapplied after rain or watering. Deer enjoy eating right after a rainstorm, so the speed of reapplication is critical, especially before the deer have found another feeding place. Deer are habitual creatures, so after a time, they will find somewhere else to eat, at which point it will be less urgent to reapply after rain. More Product Information…

Although case studies point to egg solid working well in the mixture, effective repellent can also be mixed up using raw egg. This may be a little faster, and easier to apply, since it can be sprayed through a spray bottle. And gardeners with different situations may want to experiment with the recipe, or employ additional methods, until they find the perfect solution for their landscape, plants, and climate.

Possible deer repellent solutions

Another possible solution that is less effective is to use a mixture of dish soap and water on the plants. Said to keep rabbits away, some people claim it also deters deer. Although less effective than the egg and water mixtures, homeowners who have children and pets may wish to avoid the egg mixture, especially raw egg mixtures, because of the potential to carry bacteria. The soap mixture can also be applied to plants that will be eaten at a later date, such as lettuce, raspberries, and other hard-to-wash fruit and vegetables. If an egg mixture is used directly on food plants, extra care should be taken to wash the food thoroughly before consumption. Gardeners may also wish to use the egg spray around the food plants and on their stems only. With these steps, it is easy to have the best homemade deer repellents available. Click here for Product Review…

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