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May 09, 2013 2 min read

Although they are beautiful creatures, deer are also unwanted garden pests, due to their voracious appetites for any living plant, their destructive habits of rubbing their antlers against trees, their damaging trampling of grass and gardens, and the droppings that they leave behind.

Fortunately, keeping deer away from one’s garden is neither difficult nor expensive with the best homemade deer repellent easily made from ingredients right at hand in most households. Deer repellent recipes provide an inexpensive way to prevent ravenous deer from devouring and destroying all of a gardener’s prized plants. There are a lot of different ways that homeowners everywhere use to drive these destructive but beautiful animals away from equally beautiful flowers and vegetables. The best homemade deer repellent is by far and away the tried-and-true mixture of egg and water.

Repelling deer is easily done by using a deer repellent recipe that can be made right at home with only two ingredients and no more than a few minutes. To mix up this recipe, crack one raw egg in about one gallon of water and slowly mix them until they are blended. Some of the recent scientific literature and experiments on the topic have suggested that using egg solid may be even more effective. The mixture can be transferred to a spray bottle or sprinkled right onto any plants that have been nibbled by hungry deer. This deer repellent needs to be reapplied after rain or after watering by sprinklers. Some experts suggest avoiding the spray on edible parts of plants, and instead spraying the leaves and stalks of vegetables, but not directly onto edible parts.

Variations to and adaptations of this home recipe can make it work even better. The first variation is to let the mixture sit out for five to twenty-four hours or until the egg becomes rotten. Deer instinctively avoid plants smelling like egg, so the stronger the smell, the better it will work.

When making homemade deer repellent, it is most convenient to use a disposable milk jug or soda bottle, so that washing something that smells like rotten eggs will not be a problem. When mixing the homemade deer repellent, one should begin with the egg and water ingredients, and then try it out. Once a baseline is established, a gardener can experiment by adding ingredients, strengthening or diluting the egg to water ratio, and other variations to find what works best in a particular situation. For example, when the solution is sliding off the leaves of the plants, a few teaspoons of vegetable oil or canola oil can be mixed in. Hot tasting additions may be mixed in to make the repellent even more unappetizing to deer, like chili power. While some gardeners insist that spicy additions help, others claim it only makes for a more expensive and complicated recipe. Regardless of added ingredients, everyone seems to agree that the best homemade deer repellent is a mixture of egg and water.

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