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May 22, 2013 3 min read

Best Electronic Deer Repellent

best electronic deer repellentIn this article we will discuss the best electronic deer repellent. Homeowners and gardeners have tried a great variety of methods for driving destructive deer away from their gardens, in an attempt to prevent their hard yard work from becoming a breakfast buffet for the hungry animals. Some solutions employed by frustrated homeowners range from homemade sprays to using coyote urine and blood meal, to implementing high tech electronic deterrents. Click here for Product Review…

How they work?

The best electronic deer repellent by far is a motion-detecting sprinkler system. When placed strategically, a motion detector can set off a sprinkler to spray the deer, who will immediately run away from the water. These motion-detecting sprinklers can be found for purchase online at reasonable prices and are not difficult to set up without in ground installation. This sprinkler solution to deer problems is an ideal one for several reasons. Click here for more Product Information…

Homeowners who are often away from home for days at a stretch can set this deterrent up, and it will continue to work, detecting motion both day and night. On the other hand, spray-on deterrents will wash away in a rainstorm, and, if a homeowner is not around to reapply, the freshly washed plants will become vulnerable to deer again. Another great advantage to the sprinkler system of deterring deer is that it will also drive away other pests who do not want to get wet, including rabbits, cats, and even raccoons. While some birds enjoy a sprinkler, it can even be effective against some berry-eating birds.

Homeowners who are dedicated to having an organic yard also appreciate the completely chemical free method of keeping deer away. Even the natural egg and water solution that is a popular deer deterrent may be an unwanted coating for some plants, especially those that will eventually be served for food.

Although the best electronic deer repellent is the motion detecting sprinkler described above, other electronic deer repellents can be found for sale online and in retail stores. Many of these emit unpleasant sounds in order to keep away the deer and are generally reviewed by consumers as being both inefficient and expensive. When looking for electronic deer repellents, consumers are advised to carefully read consumer reviews and ratings, taking them into consideration.

Motion detecting sprinkler system

The electronic motion detecting sprinkler system can be employed together with other solutions for the best possible solution. For example, homeowners may wish to set the sprinkler deterrent up by a vegetable garden. Keep the food safe not only from deer and rabbits but contaminating spray repellent. Use a spray repellent in garden areas that are high traffic for family and friends, so as not to spray their unsuspecting human guests.

Best Electronic Deer Repellent

While electronic deer repellent can cost a little bit more than making an egg and water solution at home. There are some decided advantages, such as less maintenance and no reapplications needed, and no messy egg solution to have to clean up after. May gardeners report the two solutions as about equal in effectiveness, so homeowners need only weigh what works best for their respective schedules, plants, and locations. Click here for Product Review…

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