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May 25, 2013 2 min read

Commercial Deer Repellent for Farming

Finding a commercial deer repellent for farming presents a lot of difficult challenges that are not typically faced by the suburban gardener, who is able keep deer away from plants and vegetables with a few sprays of egg mixture or a couple of strategically placed bars of soap, or a small fence.

Farmers have to take care of acres and acres of plants that represent their livelihood, and so protecting their plants from deer is not only a bigger job in terms of pure volume, but a more important one that protects their future. Additionally, many consumers are increasingly demanding organic food products, those that have never been sprayed with chemicals or, for that matter, any other ingredients that are not natural, and therefore perceived as unhealthy.

Unfortunately for those who make a living off of plants- whether it is a Christmas Tree farm, fruit tree orchard, or vegetable crops– deer will eat any type of vegetation readily available to them. And deer are widespread throughout the United States, especially in rural areas- such as those with farms!

The best commercial deer repellent for farming is the use of physical barriers, on account of their effectiveness and the large areas that need to be protected on farms. Because deer are excellent jumpers, an effective fence needs to be six feet high, and some farmers even result to a double fence- one fence nested withing another.

Another viable option for farmers who need to deter deer is the use of motion detecting sprinkler systems. Unlike the smaller similar systems commonly used by suburban gardeners, a system that is adequate for farming needs will most likely be expensive and require work, perhaps by professionals, to install. Once installed, the sprinklers will activate when motion is detected nearby, and if the motion is caused by a hungry deer (or other animal) the sprinkler system will turn on them and startle them away. If the animals are not scared by the sudden shower of water, the water itself is a deterrent to most mammals, who don’t care to get wet.

Because most farmers use fertilizer as part of their profession, using a blood-based fertilizer doubles as a commercial deer repellent for farming. Blood is a byproduct of meat processing, and the powdered blood is also used as a fertilizer. Besides the fertilizing that it does, the meaty odor of the product is repulsive to plant eating animals like deer and rabbits.

Commercial Deer Repellent for Farming

Other spray products may be an option for farmers, like those with egg as their active ingredient. These are often the best option for homeowners, but not necessarily for farmers. Applying a spray onto crops is labor intensive, especially considering it must be reapplied each time it rains, the crops are watered from above, or when new growth appears on the crops. Additionally, some consumers will not want to buy food products that have been sprayed with anything, even if the ingredients are all natural.


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