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May 26, 2013 2 min read

Have you ever gone to the end of your driveway to pick raspberries, only to find that a hungry deer has beaten you to the delicious summer snack? Or maybe you’ve decided to sit on your patio and enjoy your beds of petunias, but instead found that a deer has delicately nibbled each and every bloom out of the flowerbed. You are not alone, hundreds and thousands of gardeners consider deer their biggest challenge to growing a beautiful and fruitful garden. Recipes and solutions for the best deer repellents are widespread on the internet, handed down through conventional wisdom, and well researched by horticulturists.

One if the best deer repellents available is a mixture to make right at home, made of egg and water. One egg can be mixed with one gallon of water and applied directly onto any leaves and branches to repel the deer. Cooking the egg first makes mixing it with water a little more challenging, but some research has suggested the egg solid works even better than a raw egg. Either way, leaving he mixture out to putrefy is another trick to making it smell worse to the deer, and the smell is what is deterring them from eating the leave and twigs. Because deer eat only plant food, they naturally avoid anything that smells like meet to them, which is what the egg smell does.

Commercial deer repellents with egg as a main ingredients are also available for those who do now want to mix up a repellent at home. The commercial products will also typically include ingredients like mint or rosemary oil, which helps the repellent adhere to the leaves. Oils can also be added to the home mixture for the same reason. Commercial products typically contain preservatives.

Another one of the best deer repellents is a motion detecting sprinkler. These can be purchased in gardening stores as well as through online retailers, starting at around fifty dollars. These are the best deer repellents when spraying them is not a viable option. For example, homeowners who sometimes go away for days at a time, and cannot be vigilant about reapplying a spray after rain may want to look into setting up a motion detecting sprinkler. Deer do not like to be sprayed, and they will run away when started by the sprinkler turning onto them. Sprinklers like this typically cover about one thousand square feet.

Best Deer Repellents

The very best deer repellents are barriers like fences and walls. Of course these are not always practical for all situations, but if an enclosed space is needed anyway, for privacy or to keep beloved children and pets from roaming, a fence of around five to six feet will also keep the deer out. Many homeowners will erect an enclosure for their back and side yards, and approach deer control for the front yards with the spray or sprinkler solutions.

In summary, the best deer repellents can depend on an individuals situation, but typically are an egg-based spray, and motion detecting sprinkler, or a physical barrier.