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May 30, 2013 2 min read

Commercial deer repellents use a variety of methods to keep deer away from not only gardens in family homes, but farms and larger acreage. Repellents work in different ways that affect deer by using 1.) scare tactics: sound producing repellents, and, some claim, odors that make the deer sense predator activity, and startling the deer with sprinklers, etc.; 2.) pain inducing method, including spicy tasting additions to sprays that cause pain in the mouth or even stomach, planting spiky plants or 3.) even simple taste aversions, such as soap, that can make a plant undesirable to the deer without harming them. Whatever underlying reason for a repellent’s effectiveness, readers of this article are looking for a commercial deer repellent that works, and there are a variety available, which can be used alone or complementary to each other.

One commercial deer repellent the works well is the motion detecting sprinkler. Like a lot of animals, deer don’t care to get wet. Add that to the fact that they are timid and easily startled, and it is easy to see why a motion detecting sprinkler is a good solution. These sprinklers cover about one thousand square feet per sprinkler, and can be found through many popular online retailers for quite reasonable prices. The most economical models attach to a hose, with no in ground installation needed. Once set up, they will activate and spray water when motion is detected, day or night. Obviously, this means that they are not good candidates for areas with a lot of human foot traffic!

Another commercial deer repellent that works very well is a deer repellent spray, that is applied directly onto any plants that need protecting. The sprays that tend to be the most effective are those which have putrefied egg solid listed as one of the active ingredients. Sounds disgusting? The deer think so too. There are several reasons they may want to avoid it, such as bad taste, fear of predators, or avoidance of new foods, but whatever the reason is, this solution is a tried and true way to keep the deer at bay. While an egg mixture can be made at home, commercial versions can be easier and save the hassle of dealing with putrefying eggs at home. Additionally commercial products are more practical for people who need to deal with protecting a larger area from deer. Because applying repellents can be labor-intensive, due to the fact that they must be reapplied after rain or watering, people with larger areas to protect will want to consider commercial products, and maybe even a combination of methods, including physical barriers such as walls an fences.

Other commercial deer repellents include blood meal, which is a fertilizer for plants, but doubles as a deer repellent due to its meaty smell, and sprays and pellets made from predator urine, which attempt to fool deer into thinking there is a predator nearby.

May other deer repellents are on the market, and a smart consumer will look at consumer reviews, combined with reliable research and field experience, to find the commercial deer repellent that works best for their situation.

Commercial Deer Repellent that Works