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November 03, 2017 2 min read

Professional Deer Repellent

Professional Deer RepellentLooking to make your garden or yard less attractive to deer? If you are, know you aren’t the only one. Deer are indeed a nuisance, and the severity of the damage they inflict on gardens and commercial farms is mind boggling.

The best way to keep this pesky set of creatures at arm’s length is to take proactive and professional steps to keeping them away.

But before rolling out repellents against deer, it is important you check to confirm if they are responsible for the damage on your farm or garden. Reason; herbivores like rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels are also in the habit of invading farms without a barrier.

Here is how you know if deer are the culprits

  • Check for torn leaves: If deer have been visiting your farm, you will noticed leaves with jagged tips. Deer don’t have an incisor at the upper part of their teeth, and so have to nibble at leaves when they feed, leaving the leaves with roughened tips
  • Check for footprints: Deer leave a noticeable footprint spanning several inches in length, and has the shape of the heart. If rabbits of squirrels were responsible, what you will notice are tiny footprints
  • Check for droppings: Although deer drop pellets that resembles that of the rabbit, it is way bigger. So, if you notice large pelleted droppings on your farm, 90% of the time, deer have made a snack bar out of your farm.

That taken care off, let’s see the several ways of handling deer invasion problems, professionally.

  1. Use of repellent plants

Yes, deer a heavy feeders, but they are picky as well. Generally, they by all means avoid leaves that are fibrous and difficult to digest. Typical of such plants include; peonies, begonias and elephant ears. For best results, grow these plants along the edges of your farm.

  1. Electric fence

Electric fences have been shown to be effective at deer-proofing a property. However, before using electric fence, check to see if it is permitted in your locality because not all municipalities accept their use. Electric fence deliver a mild shock to any animal or human that accidentally touches it. This is why it is important it shouldn’t be used in a house where there are little kids. It requires regular maintenance to stay effective – make it a point of duty to cut down weeds that grow on it.

  1. Repellents

Repellents, as their name implies, repel, well, deer. Although they work well, if they aren’t used judiciously, they will become of little use. Also, it is important for the right brand of repellent to be used because a great deal of repellents over promise but under deliver. Talking about quality and longevity, no repellent is as good as Deer and Rabbit MACE. Not only is it safe, thanks to the natural ingredients it is made from, it is inexpensive.

  1. Noise deterrents

Unfamiliar sounds make deer skittish. If it becomes repeated and loud, they will scuttle for safety. To use this tactics, set up outdoor address system on farm and play loud music with it, if possible.